Here’s the best advice I got all week

Want to stand out in today’s digital communications?

Make it easy for your reader.

Be direct.

And pass the 50 word test on your website, email, landing page, or blog to get higher conversions.

What’s the 50 word test?

It’s the best advice I got all week.

I failed the 50 word test and will fix it quickly thanks to the brilliant folks at The Persuasion Revolution.

The 50 word test is…

When someone lands on your page never having heard of you before, can your page answer these 3 questions in the first 50 words?

  • Who is this website for?
  • What exact pain points does it solve?
  • Why should they care?


I love, an outsourced help desk service for small businesses and nonprofits. This elegant homepage makes it clear the pain they solve. These guys are masters at headline writing when you continue to scroll for information with headlines like, “Invisible to your customers, incredibly useful to your team.”

Nailed it!

That’s exactly what people want from their customer/donor support.

Screenshot 2014-09-19 08.10.51


What’s strikes me about is how clear the copy is to drive action, which is empowering to a family dealing with Parkinson’s while building the foundation’s list.

Again, kudos to their copywriters. There is no question about the boldness of the mission and how the web visitor can take action RIGHT NOW.

Few distractions means more action whether you’re a nonprofit or small business.

Screenshot 2014-09-19 08.17.13


Go on. Take the test.

Double dog dare you.

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