You are brilliant. Start sounding like it with these power words.


You are brilliant.

Your service, product or mission is POWERFUL and exactly what the world needs right now.

I believe in you 100%.

But does your marketing… your subject lines, headlines, blogs and opening lines come across as powerful as you really are?

Or does your marketing sound like “corporate-safe-speak?”

I’ve got a sobering comparison for you about how sounding safe is costing you sales, but first…

Attention is money in the form of clicks, sales, leads, signups, donations and conversions.

Does your conversion marketing grab attention in a Robin Williams-esque “Goooooooood Morning Vietnam!” way? Or…

Do you want to sound like a bank because you think its trustworthy?

Or like a journalist because they have perfect English?

Here’s the sobering thought I want to share: watered-down copy costs you sales.

Gallup revealed earlier this year that banks, television news, newspapers and big business have the least amount of public confidence.













Do you really want to sound like the bottom of the rung here?

{That was a rhetorical question}


Of course not!

I created The Ultimate List of Power Words to Get More Sales, Leads and Conversions to make it easy to amp up your marketing to make you sound as awesome as you already are.

I’m standing on the shoulders of marketing giants like David Ogilvy, Copyblogger, Buffer, SumoMe, and Jon Morrow that have already tested these words.

I’m just putting the words into one easy download that you can print out and tape above your computer (like I do) next time you’re writing a sales email.

Words matter.