When you don’t have time to write an email (do this)


You’re slammed, swamped, or skewered.

You’re trying to get out the door for vacation.

You just don’t have time to write a masterpiece email and…

You don’t want to drop some mediocre junk on your beloved readers.

But you need to get something out there…

I get it.

Here are my top three strategies that work like gangbusters:

Bundle previous posts on the same topic into one email

Bundle previous emails based on a specific topic and republish all the emails together.

This is much easier if you’re a blogger, but let’s say you’re a nonprofit and you work in addiction recovery, right now is a great time to bundle up all your opiate addiction content into one blog post, email, or even an ebook.

Yes, you can even just list your archive links by subject line in a bulleted list with a short intro.

Your readers will appreciate you curating information for them, and your content will be fresh to your newer subscribers.

Top 10 Tools

Write a quick top ten resources or top ten tools you use.

People LOVE tool posts. They are surefire winners.

Run this annually because your tools might change over time.

List your most popular emails

Your email provider should let you sort your previous emails by open rate.

Just list the subject line and email archive link for each of your 10 most-opened emails.

A good strategy is to do a countdown where you start with 10 and work your way down to number 1.

You ALREADY know this is hot material that your readers loved.

You are crazy-smart to use it again… especially since your newer subscribers haven’t seen it yet.


Shoot. These are good emails even if you aren’t short on time!