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Finding your sales funnel harder to assemble than a bookshelf from IKEA?

Drop the hammer, grab the swedish meatballs, and chew on this free guide instead...


You've got talent to share and problems to solve for your clients, customers, and buyers...

But it's not gonna happen until you emotionally CONNECT with your buyers in a way that leaves your competitors scrambing to catch up to your wiley ways.

Let's laser focus on YOUR results. 

I’ve helped clients generate over $115-million in revenue through dozens of sales funnels.

And I can do it for you too.

"The important result is that we made our target and then some."

The sales page is great because I had multiple people tell me they loved it without me asking them about it."

Full case study here.

Eva Claire Synknowski

Nutrition Coach, OptimizeMe Nutrition

500% Increase in revenue in 90 days.

"A massive shift in my business."

Full case study here.

Shobhit Chugh

Intentional Product Manager

"Mandy had the IT factor you want in a conversion copywriter."

Mandy has the IT factor you want in a conversion copywriter. She is also intuitive and does not need "hand-holding" to move through a project. I almost want to leave a negative review so I can make sure she is always available. (Just kidding) That's just how good she is.

Todd Bavol

CEO and President | Integrity Staffing  Solutions

"Her energy is infectious and it's like working with a friend."

“One of Mandy’s super powers is pulling ideas out of me I didn’t even know I had! After a short interview she outlined a whole masterclass for me that I didn’t know was in there. She’s the greatest cheerleader and makes you believe you CAN do this! Because you really can.”

“Her energy is infectious, and it’s like working with a friend.”

April Grow

Stunning Style Society

"We're sold out... for the first time ever."

It was a proud moment to be able to tell our speakers, audience, and sponsors, "We're sold out" for the first time ever.

Meghan Strand

Engage for Good

"Increased membership by 9%"

I increased our members 9% using Mandy's email scripts.

Debbie Hodge

Teach What you Do

Question: How can YOU?

I write conversion copy to generate traffic and revenue that includes sales pages, emails (a lot of emails), websites, landing pages, epic blog posts for lead generation, and Facebook ads (including message-finding).




You need to turn website visitors into buyers FAST.

Website is a lead generating MACHINE?

Yes please!

I give you hard data and confidence that your content strategy is primed to convert and then write your copy in your web visitor's voice so they stay glued, clicking, and wondering how you know them so well.


You want to sell a LOT of your course, service, or product. 

But who is your buyer? What are their problems? How aware are they? How do we perfectly position YOU in every step of your sales funnel?

I dig deep to find your buyers pain points and dreams. Then drill those points home until YOU are their "go-to" person for the results and transformation they want.


You need to turn cold audiences into obsessed fans.

Build YOUR authority and advance your buyers through YOUR sales funnel without sounding pushy or desperate.

I help you turn those strangers trying to avoid eye contact with you, into, "I'm obsessing over these emails, here's my credit card!" stalkers and groupies with my proven nurture formulas.

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