67 Captivating Email Topics and Ideas that Convert Readers into Buyers

The hardest part of email marketing is coming up with ideas and writing them.

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How to Write Emails That Convert CHEAT SHEET

The hardest part of email marketing is writing the emails. I just made your life easier. The How to Write Emails that Convert Cheat Sheet is designed to make writing really great emails, that truly convert, a whole lot easier for you. This free cheat sheet is for beginning email marketers, but is also a great […]

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The Secret to Irresistible Headlines: Emotion

Don Draper knew this much: emotional headlines persuade people to read, click, and share. This has been true since research began back Draper’s era of advertising, in the 60’s and 70’s. It still holds up in today’s social media environment too. Coschedule published research last year showing that emotional headlines get more more shares… almost […]

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Emails that convert BLUEPRINT

I’m about to share how you can make your next email campaign more powerful. Here is my Emails that Convert Blueprint to help you send more powerful, persuasive emails by focusing on what triggers the highest response– in any email. This Blueprint works whether you’re sending a sales email, new product launch, a fundraising appeal, trying […]

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Behind-the-Scenes: how Facebook advertising really works

  LeadPages™ adds at least 4,000 leads and over 250 paying customers every month to their business using Facebook Advertising. I have a client that drives six (6) new event registrations per day on $75/day advertising. That’s yielding $3,000 per day for a daily investment of $75. Want to see how they do it? Want to see how […]

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Why you need “social proof”

Over 70% of Americans say they look at product reviews before making a purchase. Nearly 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews. (Kissmetrics) Want more sales, registrations, subscribers, donations, volunteers? Get on the “social proof” train. Oh, and if you think because […]

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7 genius copy writing tips

What’s the one thing you need to avoid in your copy writing? Find out right now in my new free training video: 7 Genius Copy Writing Tips. Don’t have time to listen to this 45-minute free training video? I’ve got you covered right here with your very own 9 Genius Copy Writing Tips Cheat Sheet.     […]

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3 welcome email ideas that convert like crazy

I’m excited to share 3 ideas you can use you in your email welcome series that I promise will convert leads into clients, customers, or donors…. like crazy. You’ll see why in today’s quick training video. If you’ve worked hard to generate a new lead or prospect, don’t let them slip away. Watch this video to […]

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“Go for an email address every time”

Feeling social media fatigue? Are there just too many social media channels to keep up with just to build a relationship with your donors or customers? Do you feel like you’re on a Facebook pendulum? One day you think Facebook is worth it. The next day its not? Over the holiday break I came across […]

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