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If you're a blogger, info marketer, author, coach, consultant, or nonprofit, email IS YOUR BUSINESS


Email is the single most profitable online marketing tool you've got.

Email is how YOU are most visible to your buyers during a sales campaign.

If you're an information marketer, coach, consultant, you've experienced it: you exhaust yourself for a big splashy launch only to see 20% of your sales goal trickle in those first few days.

It's not you. 

It's true for all of us: 60% or more of your sales will come in the last 48 hours when you're sending the urgency emails.

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Even if your buyers don't click until the deadline, your buyers "mentally buy" based on what you say in all those supporting sales emails as well as your launch webinar, or event.

And it's not just sales campaigns.

Email is what converts a new lead you get through your website or a Facebook ad.

There's a proven formula that works to move a warm lead to a paying customer... on auto-pilot. ​

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What if there was a proven formula you could follow to get consistent sales through email?

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Using just one campaign, you can even boost your sales by up to 30%.

$1,000 in sales becomes $1,300

$10,000 in sales becomes $13,000

$100,000 in sales becomes $130,000

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Contrary to what you might think there are formulas for emails that WOW your readers.

I've got a repeatable and scalable formula that you can use if your list is only 200 subscribers or 200,000 subscribers.

My name is Mandy O'Neill and I want to earn your trust as your email strategist.


Because for today's modern entrepreneur and info marketer, the money is in email.

Social media is a huge asset to drive traffic, but you don't sell in social media.

You persuade and sell in email.

You get attention and entertain in social media.

You build trust and repeat customers in email.

And if you don't sell, you don't stay in business.

What you need to know about me...

Everything I share is science-backed and tested by me or my clients.

I only give you the best strategies and tactics.

For example…I helped a client boost email engagement by 277%... which brought in an extra $24,000 they weren't expecting.

And I want to help you get those kind of results too.​