Get the inside track to your buyer's mind.

Because you can't build your business on guesswork... I don't either.

Real conversion copy isn't a paintball game where you just keep shooting to see what lands and sticks. The high performance conversion copy YOU and YOUR BUSINESS deserve is anchored in science, testing, and yep... a BIG DOSE of charisma heaped on top.


No more "I'm waiting for a lightning bolt of inspiration" stalls. When I promise your copy... you got it because YOUR copy is based on a proven process... not wishful thinking.


I won't lose sight of what you want readers to feel, think, AND DO, and I won't let you lose sight of it either. 


I apply proven formulas and the most current marketing + psychology research to get you RESULTS. (Which is why I don't need lighting to strike to get real results).

Here's how we get you the unfair advantage that leaves your competitors scrambling to catch up. 

I get to know you.

We jump on a video call (and did even before Zoom became a household word) to find out if we're a good fit. I get a solid understanding of your project by asking the right questions and giving you initial feedback and concepts. You leave this conversation with a sense if I'm the right person for the job.

If we both decide we're a good fit, I’ll send a proposal of work that clearly spells out the project goals, process, a list of deliverables, a firm project quote, and a proposed timeline.

The first 20 minutes of your initial consultation is on me--no charge.

Inside track message mining. 

Once you accept my proposal and sign the online agreement, I’ll finalize your project kickoff date and you make a 50% deposit.

I gather critical voice-of-customer messaging and powerful testimonials by digging deep to learn buyer's secret pain, frustration, and dreams that your competitors don't have. 

I review public and private feedback from past and current customers to use the how they rave about you in your copy. I get to know your company branding and voice to strike the right tone in your copy.

Finally, I analyze your competitors' marketing to see what they are doing right and where we can exploit their weaknesses.

Write, wireframe, edit, and visual direction. 

You get a solid first version of your conversion copy (because of the validated research) with annotated notes and questions for your feedback.

This outline shows you the messaging and concepts and how I propose they will be featured and presented on each page. Once you approve this outline, I get back to the keyboard to finish writing your conversion copy.

We put our heads together to make sure your copy nails the landing better than Simone Biles (and she's gold-medal gooooooood).

Polish to a brilliant shine. 

"Whoa, I wish we had done this sooner."

We walk through your first draft together. There won't be any shockers because you already approved the outline.

You give me feedback after you've had time to review and sit with the copy. And I'm ready to hear it! This is YOUR business. Let's get it right.

I incorporate your edits for final copy so shiny and brilliant that you might possibly need to put sunglasses on to hit "publish or send." 


Let's not pop the champagne just yet.

As a conversion copywriter, my work isn't done until we squeeze every lead and sale out of your copy. Once your pages or ads are live, or your emails are into production we use actual performance data and online tools to validate that your copy is, indeed, a converting machine.

Once you're live, we use ACTUAL performance data to keep testing and optimizing your most important touch points with buyers (let's squeeze every ounce of juice we can).

Are we a fit?

 The first 20 minutes of your initial consultation is on the house.

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