Consistent Content Grows Your Housefile

Valuable advice in a brief tweet.

We picked up this powerful tweet from this year’s Content Marketing World Sydney quoting Julie Fleischer from Kraft Foods during her presentation, How Kraft Foods Mines Consumer Insights to Create Content that’s Always Spot On, Right Now, and Never Ever Boring.

Content marketing ‘consistency’ is the difference between “having a social media presence” versus leveragin your blog or other social media to build an engaged housefile or following.

Two immediate ways you can start building the quality housefile you want are:

  • Post Consistently — especially if you’re blogging. Whether you blog once a week or twice a day, keep to that schedule as your audience will learn to look forward to your content.
  • Choose a primary type of content. The elegant tweet above says it all. Your nonprofit brand is enhanced by choosing a primary type of content you deliver: entertainment, utility, information, and community. You don’t have to exclusively deliver only “information” or “community” but strategically pick one type as your “default” that most represents your brand to build the right kind of audience (housefile) to help you achieve mission.

Bonus Tip: Any single post should stick to one content type. You get higher results and action (e.g. sign-ups) if your post is one content type with a consistent call-to-action, e.g. a utility post about “how to” live with Arthritis should not change direction with a call-to-action to join a walk-a-thon. If there is a call-to-action for this post, it might be better to ask for people to share additional tips on managing Arthritis to keep with the “utility” content type.