9 proven tips you can use to write more share-able headlines

“List posts” are a hot ticket to viral shares.

Pinterest is totally killing it in the percentage of social media shares. Who knew?

No wonder Buzzfeed has gone “all in” on Pinterest.

Only 11% of all content is ever shared more than 100 times. Ouch.

Pinterest is totally killing it

If you want your content to get shared, Coschedule, the company I use for my clicktotweet application, just made your life easier.

They analyzed almost 1 million headlines in their data bank to see what headlines got shared the most.

I didn’t find any surprises on the list other than Pinterest.

But, this is still good data to share with you if you’re looking build your following with share-able content.

Or, if you just need to turn a hot-headline around fast.

Top shared headline characteristics

  • List posts are still hugely popular (I find “big lists” to be the most popular) and do best on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • The word “you” gets clicks
  • Free, giveaway, and ‘how to’ get big clicks
  • Video is most popular on Facebook
  • Facebook is still king of social media (no matter how frustrated you are with their market research invasions and Mark Zuckerberg)
  • But Pinterest is huge too, especially for shares
  • Customize your headlines for each social media channel, e.g. business headlines play better on LinkedIn, Pinterest is home and fashion oriented
  • Emotional headlines get the most shares

I only touched on the highlights of this study.

Check it out yourself.

It’s all good advice if you want your content opened or shared.