Your Ultimate Landing Page

Great emails do one thing.

They get your reader to click through to your landing page.

Your landing page is where you “seal the deal.”

It’s where you persuade your donor to donate, your customer to buy, your prospect to become a client.

Year-end equals big revenue for retail and nonprofits if…

You have a landing page that truly converts.

Small things make big differences.

Here’s a tool you can use to create a landing page that converts for you.

Wanna see some good landing pages? And why they work?


LandingPage - CharityWaterAnalysis


And now… Basecamp, project management software.

LandingPage - Basecamp

Tips for great landing pages

  • Keep your landing page clean and simple with:
    • Compelling headline in big bold typeface
    • Sub-head should be an extension of the headline
    • An image or video, but only if the video is embedded and doesn’t take the reader off your landing page
    • The benefits, not features, of the product or services.
    • OR, the theory of change and donor’s role in your mission
    • Single, clear call-to-action in both text and big buttons–test what call-to-action language works best because the work “Submit” doesn’t perform well
    • Include testimonials and trust logos
    • Keep the important, quick-conversion, information above the fold. Put “the details” if you must, below the fold.
    • If you’re using a person in your landing page image, place the person facing the call-to-action button, or your headline. Readers will follow their eyes as this eye tracking heat map shows. The orange and red areas get the most focus, the green the least focus and the white, no focus.



  • If you’re using the image of a professional person, or you are selling your own services, add their first name and job or city as an image overlay. It adds a layer of authenticity
  • Above fold content is the most viewed. This might explain why Charity Water uses a two page-donation form–which used to hurt conversion rates.  But remember …
  • People DO scroll down. Put prominent call-to-action options at the bottom of the page
  • People do look at multiple call-to-action buttons, so you benefit from the repetition of placing 2 or 3 “same” call-to-action

  • People read big, bold headlines–especially when the headline relates directly to your reader
  • White space is the elbow room of your web copy. We all like elbow room. It helps your reader digest your most important content, so give them that “elbow” room
  • People spend the most time on the left hand side of the page, in fact, Web users spend 69% of their time viewing the left half of the page and 30% viewing the right half


  • Trust elements matter… A LOT. Below are some examples of trust logos to consider using if they are applicable to you. HOT TIP: Use trust logos all the way through your sales or donation funnel, even at the bottom of your emails. We bumped conversions by 9% for one client that was not “well known” by repeatedly boosting “trust” through out the entire process.

Nonprofit Trust Logos

Trust Logos 2

Business Trust Symbols

HOT TIP: Remember to add “Testimonials” with, or without, photos, but definitely with names and titles or companies. Also “featured in” media logos early in your sales funnel help build trust and credibility.

LandingPage - security-seals

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