Your end-of-year (Q4) revenue jump…

6 ways to get your share of Black Friday Cyber Monday spending

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Let’s talk about how to book extra revenue before the end of this year without discounting your signature or flagship program.

The online sales landscape isn’t changing. It already changed….

IT software spending jumped 27% in the 4th quarter of 2021.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday (BFCM) offers are no longer just for eCommerce. Coaching, info products, and services revenue jumps too.


One of my clients, a fashion blogger, pre-sold a new online course in the middle of December and booked more than $100K. It was her largest launch at that point in her business. Merry Christmas!

It’s not too late to use untapped offers already in your business to boost your 2022 revenue.

(And if you’re already set with your Q4 offers, skip this email. I have another email coming that will make your 4th-quarter offers easier to promote).

Q4 is a very profitable quarter for online courses, coaching, and services for two reasons:

     - A lot of businesses pre-book 2023 work to spend down 2022 budgets or get the tax write-off in 2022.

     - Year-end deal shopping and buying frenzies are NOT limited to eCommerce.

Here’s a few tips I’ve learned over the past 3 end-of-year (Q4) sales

1. Never discount your signature program

Because you could suppress sales the rest of the year if people think they can get a better deal on Black Friday.


... if you want more people in your flagship program, you could convert it to a monthly payment like Copyhackers did last year.

Their flagship program, Copy School is a high-ticket offer.

Back when I bought it. I got life-time access.

Last year for BFCM, they promo’d a year-long version (instead of lifetime) of their program at an affordable payment level.

They did NOT discount the overall cost.

They just packaged it differently.

2. Offer products and programs for people not yet ready for your signature program

More than 90% of your followers aren’t ready to buy from you yet.

But they are getting educated and may be ready to test working with you via a targeted solution—that you already have on hand.

Ideas might include:

     a. A “lite” version of your signature program.
     c. Ease an immediate pain or problem.
     d. Recording of a popular workshop you held.

Adrienne Richardson sells a really good low-ticket offer on how to target your Facebook Ad Audience.

It fixes a problem most do-it-yourself advertisers experience in the complicated jungle of Facebook advertising.

3. Launch a pre-sell
You know I’m a fan of pre-selling an offer to validate it. And there’s no better time like this quarter.

I already mentioned I had a client launch a pre-sell her second course that she delivered live the next Jan through March for a sweet kick of $100K.

October is a golden opportunity to do some pre-offer testing. I never coach anyone to launch a cold offer.

     - That second or third course you’ve been thinking about
     - Tools that you use that everyone asks you about (image offsets, templates)
     - Maybe you have a sales script that closes 75% of business.
     - A starter kit of resources you use.

4. Launch a different version of your course.
Thinking about launching an additional version of a product that you aren’t preselling…now’s the time?

This is the ONEtime you can discount without lasting harm because it’s a onetime launch discount or early bird discount.


     - This could be a new language version of something you already have.
     - This could a onetime paid challenge (especially around anything to do with renewal and starting fresh around the new year).


I’m doing this myself this year. I’m creating scripts for mini-webinars and video sales letter as an extension of my popular WebinarDone offer.

5. Affiliate launch
Use this quarter to promote a product or service you truly believe in—and are an affiliate for.

This could be:

     - Photography or video equipment you use on Amazon. Equipment purchases are really popular around gift-giving time!

     - A coach or course you’ve taken and really grown from.

If you’re already locked in with your BFCM (4th quarter offer)... I’m proud of you!

If you haven’t locked in your offer, act now to test what your audience will respond to. You can validate the offer over the next 7 to 10 days, because…

You don’t have until Thanksgiving to figure this one out. Buying will happen early this year.

In 2021, BFCM deals started being offered the first week of November. They will start this early again in 2022.

If you want to accelerate your results or need help formulating your plan or testing your offer, book a call with me and we’ll get you squared away in one-hour.

6. Can't ride two horses...
There's an old saying that... "you can't ride two horses with one a** (butt)."

Don't spread yourself thin by trying to do too many of these.

I'd run with the ones that have the most consumer demand.

To sum it up:
Your end-of-year Q4 revenue bump...

     - Don't discount your flagship program
     - Offer a subset or section of your flagship program
     - Launch a pre-sell offer
     - Launch a different version of your course
     - Run an affiliate promo
     - Focus on your best offer(s).

Black Friday shopping season starts in 28 days.
It's only 53 days until Thanksgiving.
It's only 84 days until Christmas.
It's only 91 days until 2023.

Let’s have a coffee and chat on me.