You Built It. They Didn’t Come. We Can Fix That.

You Built It They Didnt ComeThe nation’s premiere peer-to-peer fundraisers met this week in Atlanta at the annual Peer to Peer Professional Forum.

I co-presented on the topic of participant recruitment, “You Built It. They Didn’t Come. We Can Fix That” where we rated and reviewed the top 20 participant recruitment tools ranging from direct mail (which is declining in efficacy) to email to informational meetings.

This guide is helpful for knowing where to start for generating leads of any kind, even if you don’t have a run, walk, ride, or virtual cycling event.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • The three pillars to successful recruitment
  • Participant Personas
  • 20 Recruitment methods
  • Example email
  • Example direct mail
  • Example brochures
  • Example display advertising
  • List building techniques so you don’t feel like you’re starting from scratch every January

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