[Year-End Fundraising] Your Campaign Brief


It’s not too late to have your best year-end fundraising campaign ever


C’mon. You know you want your best year-end online fundraising campaign ever this year.

We’re here to help you.

For the next several Fridays, we’ll run a series of tips you can immediately use to have your best online year-end fundraising campaign ever.

Before we jump into today’s topic, Your Campaign Brief, here’s all of the topics we plan to cover:

  • Your Campaign Brief
  • How to structure a powerful email
  • Narrative arcs
  • Cadence and frequency of your email campaign
  • List segmentation
  • Making the most of a matching gift campaign
  • Your Landing Page
  • Your Year-End Lightbox
  • Using social media to boost your year-end revenue
  • Split A/B testing – what’s important to test and how to test it
  • Any other topics YOU ask us to cover. Click Let’s Ask Mandy┬áto submit a question.

Campaign Brief

One of the most strategic campaign tools is your Campaign Brief, sometimes called the Creative Brief.

A good Campaign Brief serves as both a roadmap for your campaign and inspires creative thinking. More often than not campaigns are executed by multiple people and departments, so your Campaign Brief is a necessity for keeping everyone on the same page and creating a consistent email campaign. The most important: a great Campaign Brief asks the right questions to push you to more creative and inspiring campaign.

Start your year-end online fundraising campaign by completing your Campaign Brief with your internal stakeholders.