Wow! Here’s Your Social Media Post Cheat Sheet

My Clever Agency is living up to their name with this wildly useful Infographic shown below (keep scrolling).

They give you social media posting template with annotated advice.

I think the “timing” at the bottom of the Infograph is a bit of dodgy advice.

I also encourage you to place your top keywords in your title, not just the first sentence.

But I’m nitpicking.

This baby streamlines your social media posting and I’m thrilled to share it here with you.

Remember, I don’t recommend you use all these social media platforms.

I strongly recommend you have ONE primary channel of communication with your audience, they channel they use most, with a second, maybe third channel at most.

For example, I use my blog as my primary channel with Facebook as my second.

Enjoy this template and my thanks to the good folks at My Clever Agency.


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