Why this checklist is your new best friend (pssst… it solves a big pain in the…)


I can’t write your next email campaign for you…

…but this is the next best thing (and it’s free):

Emails that Convert: Email Planner

When you’re staring at that blinking cursor on blank page like a deer in the headlights, the thought of writing the first sentence, much less an entire email campaign just sucks all the air out of the room, doesn’t it?

Who’s got the time… or memory… or patience for every little detail that goes into an email, but is still so important to its success?

That’s why I put this one-pager together for myself… err I mean YOU!

It’s as close to having me whisper directions in your ear as you can get.

Enjoy your Email Planner


P.S. I lied. I might be able to write your next campaign. I find that I’m a better teacher when I’m still writing for 20 hours per month. I’m reopening two days a month on my schedule for writing emails. If you need some email copy writing, shoot me an email.