Who Knew? Links Are Outperforming Photos on Facebook

What works on Facebook today, may not tomorrow.

Have you noticed a few major Facebook brands and personalities, such as George Takei, have been posting links as much as, if not more than, photos on Facebook lately?

George Takei


It’s because links are actually outperforming photos for click-throughs right now.

It seems that when all us experts told everyone to post photos on Facebook for maximum engagement, it caused the News Feed to become flooded with photos, making photos less impactful.

This is actually good news because links driving traffic to your key website pages is a much higher value engagement than just getting likes, shares, and comments to boost your EdgeRank.

You can now see how your own links perform against photos in your Facebook Insights similar to the report shared by PostPlanner below. You can see that while status updates alone getting more reach, links are winning the most click-throughs.

If your editorial content consists of mostly images or images with links, it may be time to start testing a more balanced mix of images with links and status with links to get the highest-value engagement from your Facebook page.

links outperform photos

Links Outperform Photos on Facebook