When you need an image better than stock photo

Images work.

Images bolster your opens, clicks, shares… you name it.

Your audience loves images.

It’s why Instagram’s popularity is skyrocketing and Pinterest is a major source of retail traffic.

Pinterest refers up to 40 times more visitors to HSN.com than other social networks.

Pinterest also dominates social media shares.

Sunset on mobile phone

Original images related to your post work best.

But you don’t always have original images on hand.

Neil Patel reported this week that Infographics, animated graphics, screenshots, graphs/charts, and even stock photography works for blog posts. He says that royalty free images performed the worst.

Stop spending your hard-earned cash on stale stock photography!

I thought you might like a list of some good great free or super-low-cost image sites that offer stunning images. Feast your eyes on these:

  • IM Free (requires attribution) http://imcreator.com/free (nice because it’s categorized, some of the images border on stock photography-looking)
  • Comfight http://www.compfight.com  (yeah, it’s royalty-free and you must attribute, but you have so many images to choose from, you can usually find quality images)

You’re welcome.

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