Gmail Changes Might Affect Your Email Campaigns

Gmail is rolling out new email features that automatically filter your email messages to your supporters.

There’s a strong possibility that Gmail might be categorizing your emails as “Promotions” which automatically keeps your emails out of your supporters’ “Primary” inbox.

This means that your supporters/donors may not see your emails in a timely fashion UNLESS they adjust their Gmail settings!

It’s important to seed your Gmail addresses into your email campaigns to get an idea if your emails are hitting the “Primary” or “Promotions” inbox. A small sample so far is indicating that most nonprofit email is hitting the “Promotions” box.

Here’s what Gmail users are seeing, or will see in the coming days:

Invite your supporters to keep getting your emails in their Primary Box

Similar to when you first persuaded your subscribers to subscribe, its important to remind your subscribers of the value they get by receiving your emails when you invite them to upgrade you to their “Primary” box. Then you can offer supporters two ways to make sure they are getting breaking news, updates, and “tips” or other value they can count on receiving from you.

1. Ask your supporters to designate you into their “Primary” inbox to keep getting breaking news and other benefits from your emails

Moving an email from one tab to another trains Google to automatically route subsequent emails from you to the new tab. Coach your supporters to drag one of your emails from the “Promotions” inbox to the “Primary” tab as shown in this screen shot:

Drag your message from "Promotions" to "Primary" Tab

Then make sure you click “Yes” when the alert pops up. This is what the pop-up window will look like: (click to display graphics if you can’t see it!)

Click "YES" when the confirmation pop-up appears

2. If your supporters want to completely remove these new tabs and go back to the old way

Go to the Settings box in the upper right hand corner of your inbox (looks like a gear) and select “Settings.” Click on the “Inbox” tab and deselect all categories but “Primary. Save your changes.

Settings > Settings > Inbox > Deselect all but "Primary"

IMPORTANT: Scroll down to “Save:”

"Save" Your Changes

P.S. If this content is helpful, please designate ConnectedNonprofit in your Gmail “Primary” inbox!