Get noticed by your buyers with this ONE strategy

A 3-minute read

Ever read a headline that resonated so deeply you felt it in the marrow of your bones?

You kept thinking about that headline for days?

You finally understood your real problem and felt relief that some else understood it, too.

Let me explain what’s going on…

Old way of writing: tap into your buyer’s pain, empathize with them, twist the knife, then solve the problem. Still works, however, there’s a…

New way of writing: Solve your buyer’s pain behind their pain, and you’re no longer a commodity that sounds like everyone else.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

The pain behind the pain

Example pain:
My first-grader’s school doesn’t offer Spanish classes and I don’t know the best option for teaching her Spanish.

The pain behind the pain could be:
- My 6-year-old son isn’t getting to know his grandparents, because they only speak Spanish, and he doesn’t—and his school won't fix this.

- The sadness in my parents' eyes when they can’t tell him a bedtime story breaks my heart… every time.

- My parents won’t be with us forever and he won’t know how wonderful they are because language is a barrier.

So how do you uncover the pain behind the pain?

Questions to ask to your buyers or potential buyers to learn the pain behind the pain.

Q: Describe the situation and what you first thought of when you realized this might be a problem? What’s the worst that might happen if you don’t fix this?

Listen for: Quotes that describe their situation and struggle in both emotional and functional terms.

Yes. Yes. Yes. It's worth 2, 3, 5 phone calls to understand your buyer’s pain behind-the pain.

You could run circles around Duolingo or Rosetta Stone with a marketing campaign that speaks to the pain behind the pain.

Ever wonder how a company or competitor positions their offer so well? One of the ways they do that is to show their buyers…

The benefit behind the benefit…

Our time is stretched thin, so we skim when we read unless we’re reading a really good mystery novel because…

Great mystery writers leave hints.

Great copywriters don’t leave any hints.

We get more sales when our buyers don’t have to think or figure anything out.

So how does this one work?

Front load the benefits your buyer’s care about and then explain why the benefit is valuable:

- Free 30-day trial, in case your child decides not to “stick with it.”

- Take classes on your schedule instead of ours with over 20 live and recorded options each week to choose from.

- Fun interactive classes that your kids look forward to because studies show that kids retain 60% more when they learn by immersion.

Questions to ask to find out the pain behind the pain.

Q: What have you tried before and why didn’t it work?

Listen for: Their “must haves” and what didn’t work with what they’ve tried before.

There’s one more, and it’s a biggie…

The outcome behind the outcome…

People pay to solve the biggest or most urgent pain they have.

They don’t pay to solve every pain they have.

Outcome examples for this situation might be:
- My child having an advantage I didn’t have.

- The easiest time to learn Spanish is between ages of 5 to 12.

- How proud will you be that your child is bilingual?

But a more compelling outcome behind the outcome is:
- The joyous squeals when grandma calls and your 6-year-old speaks Spanish to her for the first time.

- Your bilingual child thanking you for decades that you made learning Spanish easy for them.

- The lump that wells up in your throat when grandpa reads a bedtime story with your kids—in Spanish.

Which outcome would you buy?

Online classes learning Spanish, or...

...storytime with grandpa?

Questions to ask to find desired outcomes:
Q. What does this purchase allow you to achieve?

Listen for: the emotional and functional transformation or outcome(s) most important to them that they believe this purchase will deliver.

Stand out from with better insight into your buyers':
- Pain behind the pain
- Benefit behind the benefit they want
- And the outcome behind the outcome they want

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