The Sweet Spot of Sharing

It’s smart to ask your viewers to “share” your emails, Facebook posts, blogs, and twitter to gain more views and inspire a hot topic go viral for you.

But what makes content share-able?

Why People Share

Why People Share

Some smart people have done a ton of research on that topic that we’re sharing with you today.  One nugget: email is still #1.

The plot chart above, from the folks at the fastest growing media company in the world, Upworthy, sums it up nicely, but keep reading for the data that backs it up. The New York Times commissioned a study to ask the question: why do people share? Download the study, The Psychology of Sharing, here to learn the:

  • Primary motivations for sharing
  • Six sharing personas
  • Essential steps for marketers aiming to get their content shared
  • Impact of sharing on Information Management
  • Cycle of sharing
  • Enduring role of e-mail in the age of social media