The SMARTEST email campaign you can run right now

MandyandCooper(25)_clipped_rev_2There’s a big opportunity just waiting for you.

Around the holidays people are already in the mood to SPEND…

… even if you’re not in retail.

More importantly, did you know this is ALSO the best time of year to acquire new leads and customers that set you up for success in 2016?


Just like its faster to get your car from 40 mph to 60 mph than from 0 to 60 mph…

It takes a lot less effort to capture your ideal customer or donors’ attention this time of year because “you’re entering the conversation already taking place inside their head.”

I think Perry Marshall coined that phrase and boy is it ever true.

If you don’t have the right year-end email campaign in the pipeline, you’re leaving money on the table. Money that is going to get spent on something. Might as well be you.

Good news: it’s not too late.

Imagine what it would feel like to get an extra injection of cash yet this year…

AND, a bunch of new leads to convert in customers or donors in 2016 so you’re not “starting over” January 1st.

I’ve got an email campaign formula that any business or nonprofit can use to run a powerful end-of-year campaign.

I want you to strike while the iron is hot (I know I am).

Look in your inbox for 3 micro-lessons early next week (I’m recording them today) to give you the winning formula, for FREE, for the best year-end email campaign. The micro-lessons include:

  • Persuasion Scorecard – you can tick off all the messages your readers need to hear to say YES to your offer over all their other choices. I presented this model in Toronto last month to rave reviews
  • Your Voice is unlike anything else in our marketplace and its what makes you stand out from the crowd. Without your one-of-a-kind voice injected into your emails, they will fall flat and drown in a sea of sameness. This micro-lesson makes you memorable
  • Email Sequence – there is a proven sequence of emails that create anticipation, exclusivity and urgency to move your readers to CLICK! This sequence has been learned through a ton of trial and error. You’ll get this sequence in this micro-lesson

These micro-lessons are available free only to my subscribers because without you, I wouldn’t have a business or a blog.

This is my thanks.

I’ll package them for sale later, but I WANT YOU TO HAVE THIS GOODNESS FOR FREE now to use THIS YEAR.

See you on Micro-Lesson Monday!