the emotions that inspire us to take action (handy for copy writing)

“You will capture the attention of your customers when you enter the conversation already taking place inside their heads…” – Perry Marshall.

To grow your business or nonprofit, you’ve first got to get attention, then build relationship (know, like and trust), then convert your readers.

The avalanche of content we compete with every day can make it seem impossible to stand out from the crowd.

You need an inside track into your buyer’s emotional hot buttons.

Our friends at Buzzsumo just made it a little easier for you to understand those emotional hot buttons that cause us to take action… specifically, the emotions behind the most shared content:

Amusing, surprising, heart warming, beautiful, inspiring, warning, and shocking.

But that’s not all they shared…

Buzzsumo just released their annual review of viral content, where they reviewed over 1 BILLION social media posts to glean the common elements of hot content that we gobble up.

Here’s how I would use this resource:

  1. to validate what I already know about the conversation in my buyers head
  2. to take my copy from bland to brilliant with emotion
  3. to plan my social media and blog content for 2016 by mixing up the content elements and format elements listed in this study to see what my audience likes best

I’m not usually a fan of these mass market analysis reports. You know, the ones where “scientists” reveal that the best time to email your list is Tuesdays at 6:54 am based on the open rates of 500 million emails. Pffffttttt. (The best time to email your list is when your content is so relevant to your reader they will open your email based on your reputation and the high value you consistently deliver.)


I’ve personally tested most of these and yup…

They lift conversion rates (especially piggybacking on a trending topic).

Snapshot of the findings

I think the whole article is worth your time to read, but it’s lengthy, so here’s the summary if you don’t have time.

  • Buzzsumo gleaned four different elements that contribute to high content shareability: Emotional content, how the content is presented, the actual topics that get share most, and format.
  • Then they share the most common attributes of each element so you can mix it up emotionally, content, topic and format to suit your audience.


Just in time for your 2016 content planning.