The BEST Advertising Strategy for 2022 to Book More Clients

A 3-minute read

 Here’s a BETTER way to advertise on Facebook, in 2022, for coaches, creators, and consultants.

It all boils down to 3 ad campaigns

   • Retargeting sales page
   • Warm audience (almost all videos)
  • Prospecting

But first a full confession…

This may be a 3-minute read, but the sum of these recommendations isn’t a “tiny action.”

Break this proven system down into doable bits and it will get done.

Try to do it all at once and it won’t get done. (I speak from experience).

These ad strategies use the Facebook ad platform because it’s the least expensive and most robust (even with all its warts).

But here’s the thing…

This strategy works on all platforms, YouTube, LinkedIn, SnapChat, TikTok, and Twitter.

Most important paid ads you should run right now

Anyone who has hit your sales page should be getting retargeting ads from you.

Stop reading this and go create those ads right now… (not kidding).

Ad Spend: $2 to $4 per day maximum. Don’t worry if you don’t have a big audience, Facebook won’t spend all that daily budget if you don’t have the volume.

Creative #1: Founder video. A short video (1-minute) that explains why you created the solution you did. This can be recorded on your phone outside, inside, in your car, at the playground. It does not need to be fancy or overly produced.

Creative #2: Overcome objections. Answer top objections using social proof of testimonials, before and after, or results.

Second most important paid ads you should be running right now

Run video ads to your warm audience who haven’t bought from you yet. This content is designed NOT to sell but educate.

It’s a selling without selling. It’s creating trust and demand.

   - A custom audience of your email list
   - Anyone who has interacted with your social media pages

Ad spend: $2 to 4$ per day maximum. Again, Facebook won’t spend all that daily budget if you don’t have the volume.

Creative #1: A 2-minute to 4-minute pain or objection video

Creative #2: A 2-minute to 4-minute pain or objection video

Creative #3: A 2-minute to 4-minute pain or objection video

Here’s the 
live example of this type of video in the Facebook Ad Library.

This shouldn't be a hard-core sales video so you don't have a hard core call-to-action.

Start by creating ONE of these videos.

Make sure your FIRST video working before creating the next.

By working, I mean your video costs are:15-cents per thru-play and less than $1 per 100% play.

Want to learn more about these videos? DM or reply to this email and I’ll give you low-cost resources to either do this yourself, or higher-cost options to have this done for you.

Third most important ads you should run only after creating the first and second most important ads

Your prospecting paid ads. Test new creatives on audiences to see what works.

   • Lookalike audiences 0% to 1%.
   • Interest audiences that have worked before
   • New interest audiences

The great news is that you already know what’s working for your “warm audience” so that’s a great place to start prospecting a cold lookalike audience.

Test your 2-to-4-minute videos on cold audiences. They'll love you.

Ad spend: Ad agencies will coach you to spend twice the cost of your offer per day and wait a full week before deciding if an ad is working. I test using a budget of $10 to $50 per day and give the ad creative 3-to-5 days before making a decision.

Success benchmarks: 1% or higher CTR and some purchases depending on the price of product and how much volume you've done.

For a low-ticket product, I get a purchase every 12 to 20 landing page visits. But those benchmarks don’t hold for high-ticket or evergreen webinar registrations.

Creatives: Test creatives all the time, even when your current ads are working because fatigue happens fast. (I speak from a painful experience).

Here’s a sneak peek into the testing process that works for me:

(Psssst. If you want me to create a mini-webinar or even do a LIVE on Facebook to show you this, vote by DM'ing me or sending me an email with the word YES!).

Headlines that work
(edit if you swipe these. they are working headlines)

• Front load the benefit
     Profitable Course in 14 Days
     Boost Sales by 41%
     FLASH SALE – Get More fans.
• Date
     Ending tonight!
     Free Webinar TUE SEP 6, 2022
     Refill your pipeline by Friday
• Location
    Memory Walk in Liverpool, 4 September 2022

Opening hooks to test
• Opportunity hook
Here's how to get coaching clients in 15-minutes a day

• Pain hook
How much is not advertising really costing you?

• Social proof
It’s no fluke that over 1,700 coaches and course creators are already using WebinarDone! to book new clients every day.

• Old Way versus New Way
Everything you’ve been told about how to get your infant to sleep through the night is just plain wrong.

• Mistakes
The #1 mistake law school students make to keep them from passing the bar exam.

Visual creatives to test

Ad formats to test
Test to see what type of ad format works best with your audience.

My audiences respond to video the best. Preferences change, so sometimes static images outperform.

     • Video
     • Static Image
     • Carousel

See the results of my last head-to-head test between images and video in the browser version.

Video: 7.75% CTR at 32-cents CPC

Static: 1.68% CTR at .59-cents CPC

Framework of ad (works with video, static image, or carousel)

Now that I’m showing you these frameworks, you won’t be able to unsee them.

You’ll start seeing them onon your Facebook and Instagram feeds all the time.

Benefit call-out. This is where you annotate the benefits (not the features) of your offer. Example here.

3-step ad. Use the magic of 3 to show results or ease of use in 3 steps. This could be three phases. Three modules. Is almost always a video or carousel ad. (Hard to cram 3-steps into a static image).

Post-it-note. People love written notes in both information products and eCommerce. Post-it notes work best as the hook, but I’m showing you an example of a long-running ad where post-it-notes were used in the entire ad. Example here.

Comment bubble ad. This is a great “pain” ad visual creative. You answer a real question that shows up in a response bubble to empathize with the pain and then walk them through the solution to the call-to-action. You see this a lot on TikTok, but I pull comments from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I keep the platform style. And yes, sometimes I’ll edit down the question if it’s too wordy. Comment bubble ad example here.

Testimonial or options. This works great in carousel ads, where you use the image and the image headline to show options. You can also tell a story via testimonials.

Press hit image. If you're lucky or skilled enough to have been covered in a big or small publication, that signals credibility. Use an image of that publicity in a static creative or show it in a video. You do NOT need to run out and create one. Do this only if you already have one.

Whew! That was a lot.

I’m going to repeat that you’ll do best if you break this proven system down into doable bits to get it done.

Need help on this? here's how I can help you:

I don't believe you need to outsource your Facebook ads, but if you want to, I can refer you to a few good, affordable agencies.

I’m not a Facebook ad agency, but can 100% help you on the messaging and creative side with:

- Clarity about your pain points, objections, and results.
- Video scripting
- Either
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