Quick win: Turn your email signature into an effective call-to-action

Did you know that on average each of us sends, receives, and replies to about a 100 business emails per day?

Want to get the most out of these 500 high-value impressions per week?

Here’s an easy peasy quick win you can use in the next 5 minutes to boost your email list, or get a new Facebook fan, or get a new petition signature, new participant, or promote a discount coupon–for FREE.

Just add an effective call-to-action line to your email signature.

If you use Outlook, just go to your File Menu > Options > Mail > Create or modify signatures for messages – and add a call-to-action to your signature.

If you use Gmail,  just go to the gear icon in the top right corner of your inbox and select Settings > Signature Editor and change or add a signature.

I change my call to action out depending on my latest promotion, but my “default opt-in” is 8 Secrets to Emails Your Readers Will Love, which has been very popular.

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What’s effective?

  • Keep your opt-in to one line
  • Make sure your one sentence offers a benefit or two
  • Hyperlink the opt-in to make it super easy to select
  • You can highlight the link or full sentence with a color if you really want it to stand out from the “sea of grey” in your email
  • Avoid images, even if your marketing department sends out requirements for branding of your event or conference. Sell your link in as few as words as possible for maximum click-throughs. You can always put branding and images on your landing page.

Ideas you can swipe

Here’s some ideas for your one-liners:

  • Impress your boss with ….
  • Early bird discount expires on … Click here to save $250.
  • Stop torturing yourself writing new headlines and steal these proven headlines.
  • Get exclusive flash sale alerts here
  • Be a hero tonight with this 15 minute delicious recipe for dinner
  • 101 Words that Sound Like Sounds to jazz up your writing.
  • BOOM! 15 ways to wow your audience. Yours free.
  • Stop being the thing that goes bump in the night and download Insomnia No More.
  • Want to know how to stop your teen from smoking?
  • Follow me on Twitter.

What’s stopping you?

What’s not to love about this quick win?

  • 5 minutes to complete
  • Free
  • New clicks from high value contacts

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