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The background

Eva Claire Synkowski is highly respected in the fitness and nutrition industry for her honesty and effective coaching of competitive athletes and mere mortals like you and me who want to shed pounds, feel good, and age well.

It boils down to when you’ve tried every diet program out there and nothing is sustainable, and you’re pretty jaded about the diet industry… Eva Claire is the go-to coach.

The challenge

But here’s the thing…

Students RAVE about Eva Claire's Nutrition Essentials Masterclass but it was "a best kept secret."

Eva Claire loves fitness and nutrition, but “I hate selling.”

“I knew that people liked my product once they were there… they just weren’t converting as well as they liked my product.”

The solution

Eva Claire is equally serious about your health and building her business and needed a comprehensive marketing strategy.

SPOILER ALERT: Eva Claire's recent launch exceeded her target goal$$$.

Here’s how we nailed it.

Voice of Customer
We dug deep into her audience’s mind with voice-of-customer research and uncovered a treasure trove of information about how her audience describes their pain points, where it hurts the most, and what her audience was looking for in a solution outside of calorie free-donuts.

The voice-of-customer helped us rank the message flow and say it in a way that connects INSTANTLY with her audience.

Stunning Sales Page
We turned her messaging data into a stunning sales page (visual and words) that instantly connected with her target audience.

“The sales page is great because I had multiple people tell me they loved it without me asking about it.”

High converting webinar
Eva Claire used that messaging research to create two live webinars that beat industry benchmarks by over 30% on registration page conversion *and* show up live rates.

Facebook ad optimization
We used the same messaging data for Facebook creative ad copy for both the webinar where we tested 3 different copy hooks and multiple audiences to see what worked best.

The results

Beat the forecast target sales goal (even with a curve ball mid-launch).

Sets up a bigger launch in December during the "Super Bowl of sales seasons" in the fitness industry: January 1. 

And is now positioned to go evergreen.

Like these results?

A message that connects with your buyers.

A sales page the does your product justice.

A webinar that converts.

Facebook ads for low cost acquisition.

 The first 20 minutes of your initial consultation is on the house.

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