One big reason to not be frustrated with Facebook

Are you frustrated with Facebook?

Your “Reach” is way down, no-one sees your posts, and the only thing about “Facebook algorithm” you really understand is that you never want to hear the words “Facebook algorithm” again.

Still holding out hope Facebook will work for you?


There’s at least one way Facebook can work wonders for growing your email list… and revenue.

It’s important to remember that once you have an email address, you can convert your new lead into a customer or donor, in less than 2 weeks, using email.

Just for this moment, suspend all your frustration about Likes, Shares, Comments, and algorithms.

Instead, for as little as $10 a day, you can run Newsfeed ads to a highly targeted audience to drive them directly to your landing page with a great “offer” in exchange for an email address.

The “offer” can be a “cheat sheet” “training video” “petition to save whales” or anything that your target audience finds valuable. There an easy way to choose the right opt-in offer that doesn’t break the bank and sets you up for success.

Depending on your email opt-in “lead magnet” you can convert your lead right away (short form), or use a email welcome series to develop trust and then convert your lead into a donor or customer over a 2-week period (long form).

Both processes work depending on your goals. Here’s what both processes look like:



This example, “8 Secrets to Emails Your Readers Will Love,” generated 369 new email addresses for me in less than 1 month on $10 per day. (It only took me 3 hours to create it).



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