Multi-chapter Social Media Engagement Handbook

Social Media Handbook

Whether you work for a multi-chapter organization or not, you’ll find American Red Cross Social Media Handbook for their chapters is a helpful starter guide for becoming socially engaged. This guide offers tips for:

  • Identifies the basic practices that a socially engaged chapter engages in (handy job description)
  • A flow chart on when to engage in a social media conversation about your organization or topic
  • Recommended social media platforms
  • Targeting your audience … “a smaller group of engaged participants is better than 10,000 non-engaged subscribers.”
  • Ideas for generating content
  • Inspiring donations via social engagement
  • How to measure the impact of your social engagement

While everything may not fit your program, using this guide as a jumping off point might prove helpful: RedCRoss_Social-Engagement-Handbook-2-0.