Get more clients from referrals in just 20-minutes a week (starting this week)

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 The easiest client you ever win comes from repeat business.

But when there aren’t enough of those to keep you booked up…

The second easiest work comes from referrals or word of mouth.

That sweet sound of...

“I was referred to you by Trevor. I want customers to FIND ME instead of me chasing down every single lead. How can you help me?”

I’m launching a three-part email series starting today on how to book clients/business with zero-time-waste on your part.

Today is client referrals. Next week is organic content marketing, the final week is paid acquisition.

Today's strategies can bring in new high-quality clients, from 3 different sources, in less than 20-minutes a week.

1:1 Referral Requests

Good clients have networks.

They have peers.

They land new jobs in the same industry.

They are in masterminds.

They chat at user conferences.

They are parts of groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

This is a list of all the places I’ve gotten BIG NAME client referrals from.

Current and past clients are the motherlode, but first you must answer…

1. What’s in it for your clients or your network to refer you?

The biggest benefit is that they will look like a genius for referring you.

Then all you need to do is:

1. Make your clients aware that you are open to more clients—and when. Don't assume they know you want more business.

2. The kind of client or work you’re targeting.

3. Make it easy to intro you.

✔️ Yes, I’m taking on new clients

✔️ Yes, I’m targeting clients just like YOU

✔️ I’m specializing in {specialization} because my business goal is to {business growth goal such as “dominate the niche market” or “hire two more developers” or “expand into South American markets}.

✔️ I've got availability starting in {date}.

With today’s coaching, I’m giving you referral scripts (no login required)


You know how I recommend you get testimonials before the end of your course or project?

You don’t have to wait until your current project is done to ask for referrals either.

If you’re 75% of the way done on a current project that’s going well, I would drop a hint or outright ask.

Yep, I give you a
direct-message and email script for that ask.

Systematizing this is key.

Block 20-minutes a week. Reach out to 3 to 5 people (including follow ups).

1. Customize the templates I’ve given you here.

2. Load your templates a cold email system like MixMax.

3. Copy and pasting will slow you down (and you might not see if the email was opened), but it is 100% doable for 3 to 5 emails per week, especially for a bootstrapped start up.

4. The first time you do this, you can spend more time and reach out to a longer list, but….

Here’s the thing… when I carve out 20-minutes on my biz dev day, I stay more consistent, week after week.

For Course Creators & Group Coaches

Lucky you. You can automate referrals, or build an affiliate system inside your course.

Option 1: If your course software allows it, insert a special referral module right after a major milestone achievement that would be something your referrer can brag about.

This can be early, middle, or at the end of your course. Or all three.

Option 2: If your course software allows it, tag an automated email sequence to onboard your new referral partner or affiliate with

1. A thank-you/welcome email.

2. Some coaching tips and assurances they'll be appreciated by the person they refer.

3. How and when they get paid and see who bought.

If your software doesn’t allow it, this can be a bit more complicated and requires affiliate software in your check out cart. But is still WORTH IT.

Referrals from a network of peers

For solopreneurs or freelancers, referral from competitors or your network can be a huge source of new client work.

Look for peers in your industry who are at your level of business or about 20% ahead of you if you want a mutual referral relationship.

They will have clients they’ve outgrown, or clients they can’t waitlist and will be thrilled to have someone to refer. I know I am.

Use the
DM or email template I gave you as a starting point, but THIS game is won or lost in your research.

Choose wisely. You want a quality person with your same training and values to mutually refer biz.

1. Ask for a mutual agreement to send overflow work. It’s a two-way street. Don’t just ask for referrals. (Yep, I put that in a script.)

2. Assure your referrer you will make them look good. I once referred a fellow copywriter. She was late to deliver and it was inferior work when she finally delivered. The client called me. I looked bad and fixed it for that client for free.

Bigger Fish

You can reach out to bigger agencies or businesses in your niche to ask for overflow work, but they get pitched all the time.

So handle this one like you’re stealthily looking for a job:

✔️ Get an intro by someone they work with, or partner with, or an insider.

✔️ Lead with what’s in it for them. Will white label your work for them so they are never short-staffed? How you’ll make them look good. That you will refer clients that are too big for you.

✔️ Bonus points if you research their ideal client speak to those needs in your communication.


Avoid 2 mistakes I’ve made

1. True confession: When I first started out, I didn’t want to look like I’m not in high demand, so I responded to a client asking if I was open to referrals with something like, “I book up quickly but might have some time…”

I thought it made me sound cool.


It made me sound too busy for new opportunities.

2. Making the referral or affiliate instructions so long they didn’t get read can really hurt your affiliate sales.

In my goal to be comprehensive, I stumbled into “overwhelming" instead.

Bullet points with an ironclad agreement are fine.


- Customize the templates
I gave you.

-Set aside 20-minutes a week to send referral requests and follow up on previous requests.

- Book more clients that take less selling.


Whenever you're ready, here's how I can help you:

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