It’s only 111 days till Christmas

More importantly, it’s only 84 days until Black Friday, when your year-end campaign becomes most visible.

If you’re in retail or a nonprofit, you just shuddered reading this.

Blue Christmas TreeThis means you have about 83 days to prep for the season that drives, on average, 40% of your revenue.

You’re up to the task. I believe in you.

Let’s. Start. Now.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you get organized now to have the best year-end ever

  • Keep building your email list with mini list-building campaigns – especially to give yourself time to build a trust relationship with your new prospect
  • Segment your list so you can customize your messaging and “offer” to each segment
  • Choose your year-end campaign theme that is compelling and true to your brand
  • Create your key campaign messages that generally speak to your target audience’s top 5 pain points, goals, or why they support your nonprofit. If you don’t know, without a doubt, what these are, your very first task is to start talking to your target audience 1-1 to get this answered
  • Create an inventory of all the stories, quotes, images, and testimonials you need assemble for your year end campaign
  • Decide how many communications you’ll send. Remember the “rule of 7” which says that a prospect needs to hear your marketing message at least 7 times before they take action and buy from you or donate to you
  • Create your campaign calendar that includes listing all emails, holiday cards, direct mails, and social media that supports your campaign messaging–with dates
  • Create your dedicated landing or sales page – this is very important for conversion
  • Create your light box (pop-up) for your “deadline” push the month of December

“What gets scheduled gets done.”

Right now, schedule at least 4 hours per week, every week until Thanksgiving, to work on your your year-end campaign to get it all done right. Block out Wednesday mornings, or Thursday afternoons, or Monday mornings. Whatever works for you. Just book it.

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