Intentional Product Manager

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The background

Shobhit Chugh, a highly respected Google Product Manager, had already launched and was running an online coaching program, Intentional Product Manager.

You only have to look at his sales page to see a sample of the raving reviews from the hundreds of Product Managers Shobhit has coached to get ahead faster, and be happier, in their career.

The challenge

Shobhit could get people to sign up when he spoke at conferences, or got referrals, but marketing individually like that would stymie his ability to scale his business to 7-figures.

At the same time, he was shifting his focus from selling a $997 product to selling high-ticket coaching offer that accelerated results even faster with more group and 1-1 coaching in addition to the individual course work specific to each product managers' unique situation.

“I would send them to my sales page and they would get all confused and think the product is 'not really for me'.”

The solution

"While my product had value, I really wanted to figure out what is the language my target market is using and what really appeals to them."

Voice of Customer
We surveyed, interviewed, and data mined Shobit's target market using proven voice-of-customer research questions.

The results were instantly conclusive.

“It was like magic. Suddenly I had the language and the exact problems stated in their own words."

Clarify Product Offerings
Shobhit gained instant clarity on the right products he should spend his time promoting and delivering. Based on the research, he retired two time-sucking products and added a new executive-level 1-1 coaching program.

Sales Page
We turned the words of his target market into a stunning sales page (visual and words) that he now uses during his high-ticket application sales funnel. He sends his applicants to the page and it helps him close more big ticket sales.

“We built a sales page that people just got. They understood what was happening right away."

The results

Increased revenue by 500% in 90 days after re-launch.

Revised product offerings leading to increased revenue each month since the sales page launched.

The program is on track for its first 7-figure year in 2021.

He's using the messaging mined from the mouths of his audience for more powerful emails, social media posts, and more.

Like these results?

A message that your buyers "instantly get?"

Clarity on your product offerings?

A sales page that FINALLY does your offer justice?

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