Here's what you can expect when you work with me.

I get it DONE.

You won't hear, "I'm waiting for a lightning bolt of inspiration" stall that leaves YOU singed. When I promise your copy, you can count on it.


I won't lose sight of what you want readers to feel, think, AND DO, reading your copy (and I won't let you lose sight of it either).


I apply proven formulas and the most current marketing + psychology research to get you RESULTS. (Which is why I don't need lighting to strike to get real results).

A tight process to fast-track your results


Getting to know you


Inside-track research


Solid outline and first draft


Buff, shine, shine, and hit "publish"



Getting to know you

We jump on a video call to find out if we're a good fit. I get a solid understanding of your project by asking the right questions and giving you some initial feedback and concepts. You'll leave this conversation with a sense if I'm the right person for the job. 

If we’re a good fit, I’ll send a proposal of work that clearly spells out the project goals, process, a list of deliverables, a firm project quote, and a proposed timeline.

 The first 30 minutes of your initial consultation is on me--no charge.

I go to work for you.

Once you accept my proposal and sign the online agreement, I’ll finalize your project kickoff date and you make a 50% deposit.

So begins the data mining, eavesdropping, and interviews to develop your top performing  inside-track messaging via any or all of the following research tools:

A detailed project questionnaire and interview of you.

A short but eye-opening customer survey that zeros in on the most important issues to your customers

Data mine all customer feedback for patterns and trends

Conduct team interviews and interviews with your best customers

Extensive industry + market research + competitive analysis to reveal weaknesses and opportunities.

Review of your company branding, tone, and previous marketing campaigns.

You get a solid first draft

With validated research in hand, I create and send you a detailed summary outline of each page, or a sample email if this is only an email campaign. This outline shows you the messaging and concepts and how I propose they will be featured and presented on each page. This outline and draft will be annotated with follow-up questions for you. Once you approve this outline, I get back to the keyboard to finish writing your conversion copy.

Polish to a brilliant shine

Here's where we perfect your first draft into... "Whoa, I wish we had done this sooner." We walk through this first draft together. There won't be any shockers because you already approved the outline. You'll give me feedback after you've had time to review and sit with the copy. And I'm ready to hear it! This is YOUR business. Let's get it right. I incorporate your edits for final copy so shiny and brilliant you might need to put sunglasses on to hit "publish or send." 


Let's not pop the champagne just yet.

As a conversion copywriter, my work isn't done until we squeeze every lead and sale out of your copy. Once your pages or ads are live, or your emails are into production we use actual performance data and online tools to validate that your copy is, indeed, a converting machine.

"Mandy... was masterful in gaining amazing feedback to help us create copy that converts."

Mandy is amazing at getting right to business, understanding the deliverable and producing a fantastic on-point product. We trusted her to speak with our employees and clients and she was masterful in gaining amazing feedback to help us create copy that converts.

Todd Bavol

CEO & President | Integirty Staffing Solutions

"71% webinar attendance rate."

"We got 68% email open rates and 71% webinar attendance rates."

Rachel Collins

Accelerated Charity Growth

"Her energy is infectious and it's like working with a friend."

“One of Mandy’s super powers is pulling ideas out of me I didn’t even know I had! After a short interview she outlined a whole masterclass for me that I didn’t know was in there. She’s the greatest cheerleader and makes you believe you CAN do this! Because you really can.”

“Her energy is infectious, and it’s like working with a friend.”

April Grow

Stunning Style Society


I want conversion copy written...

✔  In my buyers' voice so they instantly relate to me and respond faster because they see themselves using my service or product! 

✔  Using solid buyer research, science, and a crystal clear conversion strategy.

✔  By someone who understands my business and is invested in my success.

✔  To make sure every word is advancing my buyers through my sales funnel with zero fluff.

✔  By someone with a roster of satisfied clients and high-converting results.

✔  With the most proven and latest industry techniques in mind because your copywriter invests thousands in training, testing, and original research.

If you said "yes" to three or more of these, we fit better than peanut butter and chocolate.

I want conversion copy written...

✘ With clever headlines, because that'll do the trick, right?

✘ Strictly to our corporate tone of voice and BTW (that's short for by-the-way), we prefer to use a bunch of technical jargon and acronyms so we sound super-smart to our colleagues and competitors (but for some reason our enterprise clients keeps bouncing off our site...).

✘ By someone who can start tomorrow because she's not in demand with a waiting list.

✘ At bargain basement paid-by-the-word rates because after all, it's just words on paper.

I'm going to give it you straight.

If you said "yes" to any of these, we're not a fit.

All is not lost. Let's connect on LinkedIn where I share a ton of free content.

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