How to get buyers to recognize you can help them

When your marketing content isn't driving the leads and sales you want.

A 3-minute read

Struggling to find marketing messages and content that gets people to recognize you can help them?

Here’s one quick solution…

There 3 types of buyers your social media posts, blog, email, podcast and video, and sales CONTENT should speak to:

Buyers aware of their problem, aware of solutions, aware of you, but still need to know you're the right solution for them. This is 2% to 3% of your audience. Snag that low hanging fruit for the win.

Type of content: Conversion: myth busting, contrarian opinion, comparison posts, testimonials, case studies, sales posts

Buyers aware of solutions to their problem but don't trust you... yet. This is your warm audience that needs more nurturing and educational content.

Type of content: Educational: Old Way/New Way content, list posts, mistakes to avoid, case stories, contrarian opinion.

Buyers aware they have a problem but aren't aware of the solutions (cold audience)

Type of content: Pain posts, tip posts, situation stories that new people can identify with

People not yet aware of their problems or desires.
This is the playground of innovators such as Apple, venture-backed, and research & development companies.

Type of content: Are you kidding me? As a small online business, spending a ton of money trying to convince people they have a problem you can fix is the quickest path to bankruptcy.

Do you see how content served up for each buyer stage helps people see how you can help them?

And each segment of buyers will self-identify as they see your content.

Your ”ready-to-buy” people will ignore the beginner content.

The beginning-their-buying-journey crowd will likely skip over your more salesy content.

DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t help if your core marketing message is off, e.g. their pains, their specific situation, their anxieties, objections, and their ideal outcomes. That has to be aligned for this to work.

When in doubt about what to write…

I suggest you optimize your podcast, newsletter, email, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn content for viewers most ready to buy and warm audience.

You will intentionally cast a net to attract a new cold audience with “beginner” type of content like a quiz, a lead magnet, an educational video, and more.

Now go create content that drives leads and advances conversations.


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