Free Training: 7 Genius Email Marketing Tips

I’m holding a free live webinar training this week–with a bonus worksheet to create an email during this live training.

7 Genius Email Marketing Tips

Thu, July 9, 2015 at 2 pm Eastern, 11 am Pacific

Learn 7 easy-to-use tips to make your emails stand out in your readers’ inbox using the same tools professional copy writers use every day.

MandyVideoFocusTopMandyVideoFocusTopMandyVideoFocusTopHere’s what you’ll get out of this training:

  • I’m sharing a tested and proven email template professional copy writers use when they’re stuck for what to say or where to start – you’ll use this template in the training to actually create a new email!
  • My tried and true method to writing email subject lines that get openedin cluttered inboxes – with subject line ideas you can swipe
  • I’ll tell you how often you should email your list
  • I’ll share the one mistake I made with my email marketing that you can now avoid
  • We’ll cover how you can make your emails more persuasive even if your business, product, or mission is kind of boring

When you sign up for this training, I will give you exclusive access to my email work sheet to use during the training so you actually leave this training with a finished email you can use!

Click here to register for this FREE live training webinar.