EXACTLY how to fix your email campaigns when they are flopping


Have you ever had a marketing email you sent flop? Even backfire?

Maybe you got a ton of complaints.

Or, you heard crickets because no one opened your email.

Or, you had a great open rate, but not one sale or donation.

Have you ever secretly worried about your reputation when you get a bunch of unsubscribes?

Wouldn’t it be nice if an expert could look at your email campaign with a fresh set of eyes and tell you what went wrong and what to fix?

I’ve got you covered.

Here’s the next best thing: Email Marketing Troubleshoot Guide.

This guide helps you pinpoint what went wrong and how to fix it when:

  • Your open rate is below 20%
  • You’ve got opens, but no one is clicking through or doing what you want
  • You’re getting a spike in unsubscribes or spam complaints.

This guide will help you cut through fear and confusion around email marketing in away that makes it practical, simple, and no longer scary. In fact, my goal is to be your indispensable ally for email marketing.

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