Dump Your Social Media Deadwood

After a few years of trying the new latest social media trend, do you now have a sizable collection of so-so social media sites in rotation?

New social media tools keep popping up all the time. The latest hot tool is Vine Mobile App that allows you to upload video from your mobile phone instantaneously to … you guessed it … your social media sites.

Not even marketing giants like Coca-Cola use all of the social media platforms that are becoming available. On average, nonprofits yield 93% of their revenue from direct mail, grants, events, and major gift programs. Only about 7% – 10% of your revenue might come in from all online sources including email, search engine, display ads, Google grants, and social media. That’s too small a percentage of your overall revenue to justify spreading yourself too thin on social media.

It’s time to dump your social media deadwood!

We’re making it easy for you to decide which social media channels to keep and which to dump as deadwood.

  1. Download your free dump your deadwood social media audit that asks you the right questions to help you pick the two top platforms that work best for your organizational goals. Get good at your top channels versus have a minimal presence on too many channels.
  1. Use this completed dump your deadwood social media audit to get your internal stakeholders on the same page around where to focus your social media efforts.
  1. Make your life easier by dumping your social media deadwood.
Dump Your Deadwood Social Media Audit

Dump Your Deadwood Social Media Audit

Your dump your deadwood social media audit includes:

  • A scan of all your social media properties
  • Organizational Goals … to ensure all social media ties back to organizational goals
  • Social Media Goals … choose whether you want marketing, lead generation, building a community, brand health, or feedback/customer service
  • How your senior management feels about social media
  • A competitive analysis to answer this: what’s working for your competitors and why?
  • Keywords and phrases for your social media posts
  • Review each social media channel you currently use
  • Recommendations for the two or three to focus on moving forward with measurable goals