Does your target audience use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google+ (here’s how to find out)

Millennials and women are generally the most active social media users.

But did you ever wonder which social media platform your target audience prefers to use?

A recently released analysis shows you exactly “who” is using “what.”

RealityMine collected enough data to compare age, gender, household income and education levels of users of the most popular social networks: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Here are some juicy insights:

  • Facebook is overall the most popular site
  • Millennial and Gen X women are the most enthusiastic users of Facebook
  • Google+ is dominated by Baby Boomer men
  • Image sharing services Instagram and Pinterest preferred by Millennial women, with 40% of them using Instagram and 27% using Pinterest
  • Women are 5 times more likely to use Pinterest than men
  • Twitter is the only social media channel that is more used by men than women in every generation, Millennial (23%) and Gen X (21%) men being the main audience

Thanks to RealityMine for sharing these insights.


See the income and education demographics for reach social media platform here: