digital channels that make you the most money

What really, really, really matters is how many of your leads convert into donors or customers.


If you want to grow your business or fund a new program at your nonprofit, conversion is all that really matters.

There are 100’s of ways to recruit and convert leads online–which is the problem. With so many choices, it makes it harder to know where to put your time and money.

That’s what I love about this [Infographic]. There’s a clear winner on which channels convert better based on actual experience.

Conductor looked at the 4 major digital marketing channels, from marketing surveys, studies, and data readily available, and found that marketers say SEO and email still convert the best.

The “real money” is still in your list and organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Check out the cool way illustrates which digital channel gets you the most customers or donors.

If new revenue is your goal, here is a pretty solid digital marketing map…


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