Cut your writing time in half with this one tool

This one tool will make writing your blog go much faster

Your Own Blog Template


The blue screen of death is the worst. But a close second is that blank white screen just waiting for an inspired high quality blog that your readers will love and be moved to action.

Suffer no more.

Here’s a blog template that is simple and yet works.

We did all the work for you. We combined all the elements of highly read blog posts and gave you a worksheet you can fill out to cut your blog writing time in half.

After our post a few weeks back about how valuable a blog is, we heard from more than a few of you saying that blogs are too time-consuming for small or start up organizations.

Not true!

Here are some blog tips:

  • Leads from blogs are higher quality than Facebook. Data shows that we all get higher quality leads from blog posts than other forms of social media. Who isn’t looking to build a high quality house file?
  • Consistency. You don’t have to publish daily. You can publish weekly or even bi-weekly or monthly. Just keep to a consistent schedule to build your audience. Fewer high-quality blogs are more valuable than volume every time.
  • Spend more time promoting your blog than you do writing it. A single high-quality blog, especially one from the field deserves to be shared and promoted. A few posts on Facebook won’t cut it. Promote your blog post in email, social media, and shop it to logical partners to share as a guest blog. If it’s really great, buy some promoted posts or sponsored ads.
  • If you use guest bloggers, and we recommend you do, use this template to get the most consistent writing from your team.  Your audience will appreciate the consistency of quality of writing.
  • The 3 types of blogs that get the most traffic are categories of infomration nonprofits have rich content to pull from, including:
    • Motivational — “Do something now, here’s how!”
    • Tips and Helpful Hints
    • Inspirational