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Does your target audience use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google+ (here’s how to find out)

Millennials and women are generally the most active social media users. But did you ever wonder which social media platform your target audience prefers to use? A recently released analysis shows you exactly “who” is using “what.” RealityMine collected enough data to compare age, gender, household income and education levels of users of the most popular […]

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10 minutes to more sales, donations, and subscribers

“People don’t buy a mattress. They buy a good night’s sleep.” People buy results. A “good night’s sleep” is the result of buying the right mattress. Spring coils, free delivery, and pillow tops are all features of a mattress that pale in comparison to waking up in the morning feeling refreshed. Or, waking up without […]

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Free Training: 7 Genius Email Marketing Tips

I’m holding a free live webinar training this week–with a bonus worksheet to create an email during this live training. 7 Genius Email Marketing Tips Thu, July 9, 2015 at 2 pm Eastern, 11 am Pacific Learn 7 easy-to-use tips to make your emails stand out in your readers’ inbox using the same tools professional […]

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How to Write Emails That Convert CHEAT SHEET

The hardest part of email marketing is writing the emails. I just made your life easier. The How to Write Emails that Convert Cheat Sheet is designed to make writing really great emails, that truly convert, a whole lot easier for you. This free cheat sheet is for beginning email marketers, but is also a great […]

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The Secret to Irresistible Headlines: Emotion

Don Draper knew this much: emotional headlines persuade people to read, click, and share. This has been true since research began back Draper’s era of advertising, in the 60’s and 70’s. It still holds up in today’s social media environment too. Coschedule published research last year showing that emotional headlines get more more shares… almost […]

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