Can a thumbnail image lead to more sales? Yep!

A 3-minute read

Want to get more eyeballs on your sales video and automated webinar?

Because that leads to more sales?

I’ve been excited to share this new test I ran with you.

Test hypothesis: The thumbnail of your video sales letter or automated webinar affects its performance.

Because on the YouTube platform, thumbnails make or break your video success

The more traffic you get >> the more views you get >> the longer the views >> the more sales you make.

Does this translate to ALL videos?

I’ve been testing thumbnail images on sales pages with videos and automated webinars.

A new thumbnail boosted video views by as much as 18%.

Most tests got a 9% to 11% bump. Still good!

It’s a double-edged sword.

Changing the thumbnail can also decrease video views too.

That’s why I test using 30 page views before deciding if it’s a winner or loser.

A good YouTube thumbnail has three components:

- Your face with a specific impression or a pattern-interrupt image

- A killer headline or title (value proposition that specific audience wants)

- A familiar object, icon, or image

We’re seeing platform-to-platform migration elsewhere.elsewhere.

We’re witnessing this every day.We’re witnessing this every day.

TikTok is wildly popular short form video.TikTok is wildly popular short form video.

Instagram followed with Reels.Instagram followed with Reels.

Then YouTube followed that lead by introducing Shorts.Then YouTube followed that lead by introducing Shorts.

All those video offerings use the same size video (1080 x 1920). All three cap videos at either 60- or-90-seconds long.

It spreads people.

Testing new ad creative for my pricing guide, I tested YouTube thumbnails.

While my video ad won the day because, well, it’s video and video wins everything…

I thought you might like to see my test and try testing yourself because…

The more people who view your automated webinar, replay webinar, or video sales letter, the more sales you’re going to make.

I was testing the cover of my pricing guide. I tested 9 images in total with my best performing formulas.

Two of the top three winners were based on YouTube thumbnails.

Since this test, 3 out of 4 sales page video tests for clients that I’m not at liberty to share got more views by using this YouTube-ish formula.

One got fewer views after 30 page visits, so we went back to the original thumbnail.

Test it! Let me know your results!

1. YouTube thumbnail images don't just work on YouTube
2. Test your sales page video and webinar replay thumbnail images to get more views


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