Behind-the-Scenes: how Facebook advertising really works


LeadPages™ adds at least 4,000 leads and over 250 paying customers every month to their business using Facebook Advertising.

I have a client that drives six (6) new event registrations per day on $75/day advertising. That’s yielding $3,000 per day for a daily investment of $75.

Want to see how they do it?

Want to see how your program stacks up?

The truth is, Facebook Advertising works really well for me, my clients, and a lot of direct marketers.

So when I saw that I could get a behind-the-scenes look at LeadPages™ Facebook Advertising System, for free, I just HAD TO LOOK.

Behind the Scenes FB Adv

Behind the Scenes FB Adv

Behind the Scenes FB AdvIf you’re not already advertising on Facebook, skip the learning curve with this amazing training.

This training is really good and up-to-date.

It’s Facebook, so watch this now to get the most value from it.

Facebook Advertising System

Not gonna lie.

If I had created this, I’d be charging you $199 for this course.

It’s yours now for FREE.

You can download the whole course, or just listen to it via podcast, and download all the transcripts and worksheets from this link I just shared.

You get:

  • 11 easy-to-implement videos (in bite-size chunks)
  • 11 MP3 audios (to listen to the course on-the-go)
  • 24 downloadable PDFs (transcripts, module handouts, a checklists
  • The LeadPages™ Facebook Profit Tracking Dashboard to set your goals and track your results

You’re welcome!

P.S. I’m a long-time LeadPages™ customer and super-fan. I can set up killer landing pages in minutes rather than hours using LeadPages™.


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