Attract ready-to-buy clients with these social media posts

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100% of the new business I booked in the last 7 days, sourced from organic social media, came from only 25% of my content.

You're getting that content framework today.

Before we jump in, I recommend four diversified sources of new business.

  1. Repeat business or client upsells
  2. Referrals
  3. Organic content (we’re talking about today)
  4. Paid acquisition

This is the second in a series of newsletters focusing on client acquisition.

Here's a quick link to last week’s Get more clients from referrals in just 20-minutes a week.

The key to social media is consistency.

Want consistent inbound biz? Be visible every day, if not twice a day, depending on your platform.

And with email, once a week is the minimum to stay relevant to your subscribers.

I’m so excited today because…

Content creation fatigue is real, and…

I’m about to relieve 25% of that fatigue with content that reels in “ready to buy” clients.

Every week.

2% to 4%
At any given time, 2% to 4% of your audience is “ready-to-buy.”

If you have 1,000 followers, that means 20 to 40 followers are ready-to-buy from you.

If you have 10,000 followers, 200 to 400 people are ready-to-buy.

And so on…

That’s also why this is only ONE PIECE (maybe 25%) of your content strategy.

You have followers not ready to buy who need nurture content.

You’ll want to post "beginner" content that attracts new followers.

Ready to Buy Client Content
Identify, with certainty:

 - The top 3 pain points your buyers believe they have
 - The top 3 results your buyers want
 - The top 3 anxieties or objections your buyers feel

You now have 9 topics that get the INSTANT attention of people ready to buy.

Let’s multiply those 9 topics by the 7 types of content “frameworks” that get the best results:

  1. Opportunity. A positive take on fixing a problem or creating good

  2. Pain. Twist the knife on the gushing wound they already have.

  3. Mistakes. People love avoiding “mistakes.”

  4. Old Way New Way. Showcase your unique process or differentiating factor.

  5. Story (founder story or client story). We humans learn and buy from stories.

  6. Contrarian Take. Controversy that can change a buyer limiting belief. (Or distinguishes you as an authority.)

  7. Listicle. We all love curated lists to help us navigate the overwhelm of information we experience daily.

Your Content Multiplies Faster Than a Rabbit

For each of your 9 pains, results, anxieties, compose a long or short piece of content using each of these frameworks. (Swipe these hooks. They’re tested.)

Opportunity. A positive take on fixing a problem or creating good.

[number] ways to [verb] [a result they want] in a [specific situation].
3 ways to attract high quality clients through your LinkedIn content.

How to [achieve what they want] without [the thing they want to avoid or the reason they think they can’t].
How to sell on social media without spending a dime on expensive Facebook ads.

Pain. Twist the knife on the pain they are experiencing.

How much is/are [niche pain point] really costing you?
How much are the endless hours of sales calls with unqualified buyers costing you?

If you suffer from [problem pain], [something they've tried] isn't enough.
If you suffer from thinning hair, Rogaine isn't enough.

Mistakes. Surprisingly popular framerwork

Are you making this one mistake with [topic] that can stop you from [goal they really want]?
The #1 mistake law school students make to keep them from passing the bar exam.

Want to know the most common mistake [describe your reader] make in [strategy or task] and have no clue they are making it
Want to know the most common mistake job applicants make in job interviews and have no clue they’re making it?

Old Way New Way. This showcases your unique process or differentiating factor

You don’t need to do sales calls to enroll high-ticket coaching clients anymore.

If I were starting a [topic, strategy, system] in 2022, this is what I’d do (7 steps)
If I were starting a YouTube channel in 2022, this is what I’d do (7 steps)

Story. We humans learn and buy from stories. Your story and your clients stories are both important.

I did [something] [days, months, years ago]
I wrote my first LinkedIn post 1.5 years ago and here’s what happened.

Contrarian Take. Debunk a belief holding your buyers back. Or show authority by a contrarian take on a current hot topic.

When did we buy into the delusion that success in business only comes from hard work and “grinding” your way to burnout?

Everything you’ve been told about [what your buyers are doing] is just plain wrong
Everything you’ve been told about how to get your infant to sleep through the night is just plain wrong. And it’s costing you sleep.

Listicle. Curated lists to help us navigate the overwhelm of information we experience daily.

The 5 most impactful books I’ve ever read in my life.

The 7 pieces of software I can’t run my business without.

You now have a whopping 63 pieces of content that appeal to YOUR BUYERS.

What's Doable Gets Done

What works for me is to create ONE long form in each topic (9 long-form pieces).

You can batch create or create one long form piece a week over a 9-week period. Pace yourself.

It usually takes me 2.5 to 3 hours to write a long-form piece (without research).

I plug content from that long-form piece into each of the 7 frameworks.

Test each post because they won’t all be winners or drive buyers.

Speaking of winners...

IMPORTANT: When measuring success, you’re not looking for the most engagement or for this content to go viral. You’re looking for inbound inquiries and sales coming from this content.

The framework of content will vary for you based on your industry, service, and consumers.

(Pssssst. Mistakes and New Way versus Old Way have never failed me.)

Why does this work?

Two reasons…

Have you ever noticed how much movie advertising there is?

Often, the marketing budget for movies is close to the entire cost of what it took to make the movie.

Studio bosses tested and found that 7 impressions of advertising and promotion were needed to get someone to go see their movie.

Your buyers need to see repetition too. To build trust. And educate.

Second reason…

We all receive and process information differently.

Have you ever gotten an “aha” and realized you’d been seeing this good advice or information before? You just didn’t “hear” it before. It didn’t land but it does now.

Some people need to hear a story to “get it.” (Story)

Others want assurance they aren’t using outdated methods. (Old Way versus New Way)

Some are fearful of making a costly mistake (The #1 Mistake Coaches Make)

Welcome to the club. Rule of 7 Club.

Actionable items:
- This is a lot. Implement in smaller chunks.

- Make sure you've verified your buyers’ pains, anxieties, and the results they want before you start. This entire process hinges on that.

- Turn the spigot up or down as needed. I recommend using these posts for not more than 25% of your content. Need fewer clients? Make it 10% of your posts. Need more clients, make it 35%.


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