Conversion copywriting that gives you the inside track to fresh leads, booked sales, and whopping paydays.

Conversion copywriting for course creators, coaches, 1-1 service providers, and SaaS companies who want the golden ticket to "Here's my credit card!"

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"Mandy, how can you help me now?"

I write conversion copy to generate traffic and revenue that includes sales pages, emails (a lot of emails), websites, landing pages, epic blog posts for lead generation, and Facebook ads (including message-finding).




You want to sell a LOT of your course, service, or product. 

But who is your buyer? What are their problems? How aware are they? How do we perfectly position YOU in every step of your sales funnel?

I dig deep to find your buyers pain points and dreams. Then drill those points home until YOU are their "go-to" person for the results and transformation they want.


You need to turn website visitors into buyers FAST.

Whoa! A conversion copywriter for my website? Only if YOU want your website to be a lead generating MACHINE.

I give you hard data and confidence that your content strategy is primed to convert and then write your copy in your web visitor's voice so they stay glued, clicking, and wondering how you know them so well.


You need to turn cold audiences into raving fans.

But what do YOU write? And when do YOU send it to build YOUR authority and move your buyers through YOUR sales funnel without sounding pushy or desperate?

I help you turn those strangers trying to avoid eye contact with you, into, "I'm obsessing over these emails, here's my credit card!" stalkers and groupies with my proven nurture formulas.

Why work with you, Mandy?
The right question! Three big reasons: (1) my inside-track-to-your-buyers-mind-process which leads to (2) my proven track record, and (3) I'm easy to work with (and I show ya how).
Get the Inside Track To Your Buyer's Mind
I hlep you connect like a zipline to your buyer's decision-center in their brain with your top-performing message... almost like you have an inside track (because YOU DO!) while your competitors draw yawns and eye-rolls yammering on endlessly about themselves.
Because YOU can't build your business on guesswork...
...real conversion copy isn't like a paintball game where you just keep shooting to see what lands and sticks. The high performing conversion copy YOU and YOUR BUSINESS deserve is anchored in science, testing, and yeah... a big dose of charisma heaped on top.
Here's how we get you an unfair advantage that leaves your competitors scrambling to catch up.

Inside track "zipline" message mining

I gather critical voice-of-customer messaging and powerful testimonials by digging deep to learn your buyer's most distressing pain points. Your buyers reveal secret info your competitors don't have. I review public and private feedback from past and current customers to use the how they rave about you in your copy. I get to know your company branding and voice to strike the right tone in your copy. Finally, I analyze your competitors' marketing to see what they are doing right and where we can exploit their weaknesses.

Write, wire-frame, edit, and visual direction

You get a solid first version of your conversion copy, with annotated notes and questions for your feedback. We put our heads together to make sure your copy nails the landing better than Simone Biles (and she's gold-medal gooooooood).

Two rounds of revisions later your copy is polished and ready to pour into your design so you can hit  publish, send, post, share, pin...whatever channel gets you in front of buyers. "Let's go wide with this!"

Test and validate

Hitting "publish" is only the beginning. Once you're live, we use ACTUAL performance data to keep testing and optimizing your most important touch points with buyers (let's squeeze every ounce of juice we can).


I laser-focus on YOUR results...

I’ve helped clients generate over $115-million in revenue through dozens of sales funnels.

And I can do it for you.

"Mandy had the IT factor you want in a conversion copywriter."

Mandy has the IT factor you want in a conversion copywriter. She is also intuitive and does not need "hand-holding" to move through a project. I almost want to leave a negative review so I can make sure she is always available. (Just kidding) That's just how good she is.

Todd Bavol

CEO and President | Integrity Staffing  Solutions

"Excited to find someone who is so invested in her clients' success."

Mandy is excellent, and we are planning more projects with her. I'm extremely happy with the sales page she created. I've also referred her to others. Excited to find someone who is so invested in her clients' success.

April Grow

Stunning Style Society

"We're sold out... for the first time ever."

It was a proud moment to be able to tell our speakers, audience, and sponsors, "We're sold out" for the first time ever.

Meghan Strand

Engage for Good

"Increased membership by 9%"

I increased our members 9% using Mandy's email scripts.

Debbie Hodge

Teach What you Do

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I'm easy to work with
(And, just look at that good boy!)

Life is too short to work with divas, procrastinators, and smooth talkers who can't or won't focus on YOUR results.

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