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Mandy Bike Trek TriMandy Bike Trek Tri

Mandy Bike Trek TriMandy Bike Trek TriMy name is Mandy O’Neill

I help you sell more, book more clients, get more donations, register more participants, or build an audience using the power of the web.

What I *really* do…

… is give you freedom to do what you do best.

Freedom to be an author, entrepreneur, artist, local shop owner, save the environment, fight for justice, be the top expert in your field.

I secretly love that about my job.

You’re really only free to pursue your passion when you can consistently and deeply connect with buyers or donors — otherwise you’re always too busy hustling up your next gig, writing the next grant proposal, or scouring the web to figure out the latest- greatest in marketing on your own.

That’s a constant grind that drains you of joy and steals your energy.

You are not alone.

The web is an amazing sales and marketing platform that makes reaching your ideal customer or donors so much easier–and I help you get it right. I do this mostly through coaching, online training, and consulting.

You can count on me to give you tested and proven strategies to grow your business or nonprofit so you’re free to spend more time being YOU pursuing your real PASSION!

The real deal

As Seen In:: I’ve got 15 years of experience in online marketing — I got my start on the techhy-side with an online marketing software company that we grew from 12 clients to 1200 clients, then I jumped (cannonballed, really) into strategic consulting — because the gold is in the strategy.

:: My expertise has been featured in Forbes, Boost Blog Traffic, The Denver Foundation Magazine, Cause Marketing Forum, Peer to Peer Professional Forum, and I serve up weekly tips to over 4,200 subscribers.

:: I’ve worked with dozens of amazing clients on hundreds of online marketing campaigns — from email marketing campaigns, to peer-to-peer fundraising programs, to social media campaigns designed to build sales funnels.

:: My clients have included: Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres, CARE, Project HOPE, St. Joseph’s Indian School, Jewish Federation of North America, Merkle, and Armbruster Consulting, not to mention helping to grow a software start up from 12 clients to 1200.Cooper Website

:: I’ve walked in your shoes as both a nonprofit and a small business “rainmaker.” I boosted sales by 80% in one year for my last company.

Cooper WebsiteCooper Website

:: When I’m not designing my next online class — you can find me right here in Colorado hiking with the world’s best dog, Cooper, or skiing, road cycling, or catching a game because I’m a sports enthusiast.


Here’s the “real dish” on me:

  • I have a wicked sense of humor (which I’m secretly proud of).
  • My hands-down favorite vacation ever was to Bali Indonesia.
  • My bike’s name is Ruby. Yes, I named my bike.
  • I’m Diamond level in Angry Birds Friends. Ironically, none of my friends will play me anymore.
  • MandyI was once stuck in an elevator at Denver International Airport and to this day refuse to ride that specific elevator. I’m Irish and know how to carry a grudge.
  • About5About5About5A good buddy and I were sitting with only a towels around us in the sauna of a fancy Spa in NYC one fall day, when the fire alarm went off. After a few moments of uncertainty, a fireman, with a thick Brooklyn accent, chased us with all the other of clients out of the Spa while they investigated the alarm. The full story is that it was my best buddy is who accidentally triggered the fire alarm.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy is by far the best Marvel movie. Firefly never should have been cancelled. Matt Smith was my favorite Doctor. I promise to sneak the man and his robots from Mystery Science Theater 3000 into one of my training videos. Now *that* would be funny.