A Good Story Isn’t Enough


“Storytelling” has been a hot topic for the past few years.

For good reason.

It’s pretty well documented that we humans are hardwired to learn from and respond to stories. Business and nonprofits are all over this trend.

But here’s the deal: a good-even a great story isn’t enough.

What I really want is to see a better version of myself

Your reader really needs to see themselves in your story to be moved to action. Yes, you absolutely have to get really good at the mechanics of storytelling, but what’s more important is how your donor, volunteer, activist sees themselves in your story.

Is there an element of your story that your reader can relate to? Does your reader see a better version of themselves in your story? If not, even a really good story might not bring your mission home enough to inspire action.

An Even Finer Point

Gary Vaynerchuk advocates in his new book,  Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook, that to thrive in business communication we will all need to learn how to natively storytell in each channel. This means that while you tell the same story in direct mail, email, that you do on Instagram and Facebook, the “way” you tell it is customized the reason a reader is connecting to you through each specific channel.

This is a Big Topic: Let’s Do it Right

What this all means is that storytelling is both “mission critical” to you and not necessarily easy to get right.

Today’s blog kicks off a series to support you with effective story telling tips. Together in the coming weeks let’s explore the top techniques, examples of great stories, how to collect stories internally, and how to customize stories to your communication channel, visual storytelling and more.

Do you have any specific questions around storytelling? If so, email me and we’ll get it covered.