67 Captivating Email Topics and Ideas that Convert Readers Into Buyers (or Donors)

The hardest part of email marketing is coming up with ideas and writing them.

Am I right?

There’s this “mental ramp” that you go through just to get into writing mode.

Does your “mental ramp” involve cleaning the garage, walking the dog, doing four loads of laundry, surfing Facebook, and watching YouTube videos of dogs being rescued and finding new forever homes? Awwww.

Then it happens…

30 minutes before you need to hit “send,” you make a mad dash to cut and paste email copy that you’re pulling from God-knows-where, to patch together a less than stellar email to some of your most highly valued readers.


Then you cross your fingers and hope for the best — that your email gets click-throughs to your landing page, or sales, or donations…

When the email flops, you dread writing the next email even more.

I know this experience well because I, uh, have a “friend” who tells me this is what she goes through.

67 Captivating Titled

Writing good emails is hard.

Writing emails that actually convert is even harder.

It can be torture.

67 Captivating Email Topics and Ideas that Convert Readers Into Buyers (or Donors) is designed to end your torture.

I’ll admit it: The topics that follow aren’t rocket science.

But, they are based on email campaigns that are working in today’s cluttered email inboxes.

So, stop cleaning the garage and use these email campaign ideas to design an email marketing campaign your readers will love to read!

And click-through.