It’s only 56 days until Thanksgiving

It’s only 56 days until Thanksgiving.

Our biggest sales and donations quarter of the year has arrived.

Time to gear up your year-end email marketing.

This week I’m re-sharing my popular year-end fundraising series from last year, almost all of which is applicable to for-profit sales too.

Year End Email Marketing Tips

The only update I would make is to encourage you to test running highly targeted Facebook ads to support your year-end marketing campaigns.

If you’re a business I’d run your Facebook ads starting Wed Nov 26th, so you’re live on Thanksgiving.

If you’re a nonprofit, I’d run your Facebook ads starting December 26th and increase your spend for Dec 29-31.

If you need help with your year-end email marketing, now’s the time to get it.

Call me and I’ll help you, or I’ll get you to someone who can help you.

Let’s make this your best year ever.

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