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Given how much time you put into creating your content... would you like to get more impressions, engagement, sales…. everything from your emails, social posts, podcasts, YouTube videos?

Then get good at stopping the scroll with attention-getting hooks.

Hooks are the opening sentence(s) or image in your content where your reader decides whether to scroll by or keep reading.

And you’ve only got 5-seconds to hook your reader before all the work you put into your content goes unseen.

Rather than get into the psychology of “pattern interrupts,” as interesting as it is, what matters to time-strapped coaches, course creators, and solopreneurs, like you, is writing great content quickly that turns into sales.

So let’s go:

1. The way I write fast is:

- I write the body of the email, sales page, landing page, social post, video first. The crux of what I want to say or teach.

- Then I bookend that middle body of content with a powerful opening hook,

- And a powerful call-to-action

- Never ever start trying to write your hook or your headline. It’ll take you forever and probably be disconnected from the content you haven't yet written anyway.

- A case could be made to start with your call to action and work backwards, but I digress.

- Never write and send, post, or publish the same day. Sleep on it.

2. A good hook, especially social media hook, contains the same triggers or situations that cause people follow you and buy from you.

- It's relevant to your specific audience (name them, if possible)

- Solves a pain

- Saves or creates time

- Makes or saves money

- Easy or makes life easy

- It's achievable or attainable

3. Good hooks have two or more of the following characteristics.

- Creates curiosity, an open loop that the reader or viewer sticks with to satisfy their curosity

- Taps into the specific emotions felt by your buyer, not just any emotion

- Offers an opportunity you know your audience craves or wants

- As mentioned above is relevant to your niche audience and calls them out by name, e.g. "Attention: SciFi fans"

There are a million attention-getting hooks that might work for you.

And that’s the problem.

Too many choices leads to "where do I start?" paralysis.

Instead, swipe and test...

My top 7 proven frameworks and formulas that consistently perform.

You can
access all 7 examples, plus more in the "shameless bribe" here (no login required, just select “Make a Copy”):

1. Opportunity Hook Formula

How to [achieve what they want] without [the thing they want to avoid or the reason they think they can’t.

Opportunity Hook Examples (this first hook earned me $61K in revenue on one Facebook ad):

- What if I told you that you could create your next webinar slide deck in 2 hours or less?

- Work less. Earn more.

- How to sell on social media without spending a dime on complicated expensive Facebook ads.


2. Pain Hook Formula

How much is/are [niche pain point] really costing you?

Pain Hook Formula Examples

- How much do hours of sales calls with unqualified buyers costing you?

- What kind of toll does the misery and guilt from screaming at your kids during bedtime battles take on you? On your child?

- “At 52, I noticed in photos that my usual makeup look wasn’t doing me any favors.”

BONUS Pain Hook Formula

- Hey [your audience], Are you [emotion] about [the pain or problem they have]? Or [another pain point]?


3. Founder Journey Hook Formula:

I went/started/done [transformation]. (Then bridge quickly to what this transformation means to, or how it benefits your reader.)

Founder Journey Examples:

- If you find yourself at the edge of a career transition… here’s the career advice that took me 10 years to learn:

- I’ve done $1M in income in 2.5 years as a solopreneur.

BONUS Founder Journey Hook Formula that’s on fire right now

- If I were starting a YouTube channel in 2022, this is what I’d do (7 steps)


4. Old Way Versus New Way (or the Biggest Misconception)

Debunk a commonly held belief or process that is holding your buyers back as “the big lie, false, or simply outdated. This is the perfect hook to intro your signature process.

Old Way Versus New Way Hook Examples:

- Everything you’ve been told about how to get your infant to sleep through the night is just plain wrong.

- You don’t need to do sales calls to enroll high-ticket coaching clients anymore.

- When did we buy into the delusion that success in business only comes from hard work and “grinding” your way to burnout?

- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day… Kellogs paid researchers to create studies confirming that statement and started using it as a slogan to sell more cereal.


5. Social Proof Hook

Social Proof Hook Formula:
It’s no fluke that our [offer] has over [number] of [users or five-star reviews] from [target audience] just like you.

Social Proof Hook Examples:

It’s no fluke that over 1,700 coaches and course creators are already using WebinarDone! to book new clients every day.

My client increased his coaching revenue 500% in 90 days, with this ONE change:


6. Mistake Hook

Mistake Hook Formula:
Are you making this one mistake with [topic] that can stop you from [goal they really want].

Mistake Hook Examples:

The #1 mistake law school students make to keep them from passing the bar exam.

Want to know the most common mistake job applicants make in job interviews and have no clue they’re making it?

The biggest mistake marathon runners make to cause injury.


7. Power Question Hook
Puts a known objection, anxiety, or fear into a question to answer it. Or creates curiosity where it wasn't before.

Power Question Examples:

Have you wondered how to make money in cryptocurrency, without losing your life savings?

Want to know how many hours a day the Rock lifts weights to keep his chiseled physique?

Do you need a college degree to get a job at Google? Absolutely not. Here’s why….

Afraid there’s too much competition in your space? That’s like thinking lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place when Willis Tower in Chicago averages 50 ligtning strikes a year.


What’s next?

It is 100% possible to sell products, services, and book sales call through all your content, not just your promotional content.

But that content, across all platforms, hinges on an effective hook to stop the scroll.

Take these swipes do three things:

 1. Test which hooks work best for your audience. (My audience responds best to “opportunity hooks.”)

2. Never start from scratch. Get inspiration from other companies that serve your audience.
Reverse engineer the hooks of people both you and your audience love (that’s not always the same). Look the content they repurpose.
         - Look at the longest running ads they have in the Facebook Ad Library (those hooks are working)

         - Look at the best performing ads they have in the TikTok Ad Library (those hooks are working)

        - Never plagiarize, but do be inspired to do even better than they do

3. Dowload this quick hook formula cheat sheet, my "shameless bribe."

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