Best Timing for Facebook Posts

Want more likes and shares of your Facebook content?

On our ConnectedNonprofit Facebook page, we found that posting at 2 pm Eastern Time or later gets more engagement of “good content.” We’ve also found that our Facebook fans are visual, so photos, especially humorous photos, tend to get the most engagement. If we’re honest, our fan base equates “good content” with humor, which is perfect for us.

Turns out that social scientist Dan Zarella has been mapping Facebook engagement behavior by analyzing 1.3 million posts on the top 10,000 Facebook pages. What follows are the results he published yesterday that confirms our findings and sheds some light that  we need to post even later than 2 pm ET.

Following is the Infographic showing heaps and gobs of excellent Facebook engagement data such as post type performance, time of day, post length, and day of week. Click here more information.