Ready for advertising in your news feed?

Promoted Posts

Ready for Advertising in Your News Feed?

Facebook is quietly changing the game. Yesterday, Facebook began rolling out “Promoted Posts” as a way for fan pages to pay for greater exposure in fan news feeds of their posts. The news feed is prime territory–and why everyone loves Facebook. Not all fan pages have the option yet (shown in the photo).

What does this mean in the short-term and long-term?

In the short-term you:

  • Can instantly increase your visibility and click-through rate within your fan base for important posts.
  • Only want to use this function for rich media posts and important breaking news.
  • We’d recommend you measure the efficacy with some sort of click-through option such as donation, offer, quiz, or survey.

Long term:¬†Facebook is being squeezed by both Wall Street and major advertisers for more attractive marketing models within Facebook. It doesn’t get any more attractive than advertising in the news feed…however

  • A potential fatal flaw is that the promoted post is promoted to “wider” audience, not necessarily a “targeted” audience. People without children will grow weary of promoted posts offering child nutrition tips. For promoted posts to work in the long-run, Facebook will have to engineer a way for advertisers to target the news feed audience by interest.¬†Otherwise, they lose viewers and advertisers will find the promoted posts don’t work.
  • While we suspect that news feed promoted posts will work in the short-run. We’re skeptical about the overall affect advertising in a previously ad-free space will affect Facebook user behavior. Will users “turn-off” and we see minutes viewed drop? Will Facebook eventually offer an ad-free version of Facebook for users in a subscription model?

This is a big change that may just be a trial balloon, but definitely worth watching carefully as it will affect your overall Facebook strategy. Read here for more information: