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It’s only 56 days until Thanksgiving

It’s only 56 days until Thanksgiving. Our biggest sales and donations quarter of the year has arrived. Time to gear up your year-end email marketing. This week I’m re-sharing my popular year-end fundraising series from last year, almost all of which is applicable to for-profit sales too. Year End Email Marketing Tips Your Campaign Brief […]

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Here’s the best advice I got all week

Want to stand out in today’s digital communications? Make it easy for your reader. Be direct. And pass the 50 word test on your website, email, landing page, or blog to get higher conversions. What’s the 50 word test? It’s the best advice I got all week. I failed the 50 word test and will […]

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Wow! Here’s Your Social Media Post Cheat Sheet

My Clever Agency is living up to their name with this wildly useful Infographic shown below (keep scrolling). They give you social media posting template with annotated advice. I think the “timing” at the bottom of the Infograph is a bit of dodgy advice. I also encourage you to place your top keywords in your title, not […]

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It’s only 111 days till Christmas

More importantly, it’s only 84 days until Black Friday, when your year-end campaign becomes most visible. If you’re in retail or a nonprofit, you just shuddered reading this. This means you have about 83 days to prep for the season that drives, on average, 40% of your revenue. You’re up to the task. I believe […]

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How to pass the fortune cookie test

Are your sales or donations stalled? You ran a “sure-fire” campaign that just tanked? Whenever I hear crickets rather than cha-ching’s, here are the top mistakes I troubleshoot for where I veered off course. Mistake #1: If you’re selling to everybody, you’re selling to nobody Did I skip over the unglamorous work of narrowing my target […]

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Steal this right now

I was a lot happier for The ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge success before I actually felt that ice water hit my own head. Holeee crap! That was reaaaaaalllllly cold. No more afternoon energy slump over here. The Ice Bucket Challenge is no longer “bucket size.” It’s a bona fide “glacier size” campaign. It’s raised […]

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When you need an image better than stock photo

Images work. Images bolster your opens, clicks, shares… you name it. Your audience loves images. It’s why Instagram’s popularity is skyrocketing and Pinterest is a major source of retail traffic. Pinterest refers up to 40 times more visitors to than other social networks. Pinterest also dominates social media shares. Original images related to your […]

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